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But what if your plugin developers are not making the proper use of their skills, and you receive a low quality development at the end. Is replacing them the solution? No, as you know they have the potential, but not using it to the fullest. So where the problem lies? Most probably, in the style of working.

Below mentioned are the 5 ways that could dramatically change the conditions in your organization:

1: Engage in decision making:

It is very important that you talk with your WordPress plugin developer prior to taking any work. The work should not be just forced upon him / her Being a leader, you must discuss the work in hand and let the developer decide whether the requirements are achievable or not. Involving developers in the decision making would automatically make them feel the sense of belonging. And when this feeling is present, the efficiency improves automatically.

2: Offer freedom:

When there is no structured work model for development or useless pressure on professionals, they tend to work in a better manner. Keep in mind, they are plugin programmers not machines who operate on certain commands. The best ideas come only when they are free to think and can paint them down without any restriction. These things are very important if you want to have unique and highly functional plugins designed.

3: Provide proper training:

The plugin development field is very challenging, as there are dozens of options available for a single purpose. Therefore, to ensure maximum productivity, it is very important to provide training to the developers on the latest advances so that they could develop best-in-class WordPress plugins.

4: Praise in abundance:

A well-built word press plugin can help you in earning million dollars with ease. So, when a WordPress Plugin Developer from your organization performs well, praise him / her on the spot. This would not only motivate him / her, but others too. You can even earmark some rewards which can range from salary hikes to a simple lunch invitation.

5: Listen to their problems:

There can be a number of problems that a WordPress plugin developer might be facing at work. It can range from system issues to unfriendly collections. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your plugin designers and try to solve their problems.

Follow these five easy ideas as they you would help you to extract out the best from your team.

Source by Lee Dallager