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South America is a top holiday destination particularly for people, who are interested in spending their vacation in an adventurous fashion. This is because the geography of this continent itself contributes too much towards adventurous activities like mountain biking, boating, hiking, etc… When it comes to audacious tour to the continent of South America, the two places that are must to visit are Amazon River cruise and hiking Patagonia. Some of the information about these places is given in the content given below.

Boating on the Amazon can offer the tourists with a chance to experience whatever the incredible area includes. In addition to amazing variety of species under animal and bird population, the lives of the indigenous people can also be experienced. Selecting the cruise and reaching the place through water would be the right option for tourists to enjoy the untouched beauty of Mother nature along with the luxurious facilities offered by the cruise ships. The tourists can also enjoy some places by walk by getting down from the ship since when traveling through the ship there will be many stopping. Hiking can also be done during day and evening hours and when hiking tourists can enjoy the flora and fauna of the natural beauty.

The Amazon rainforest is made up of many tributaries of the river since the river stretches across the nations of Peru and Brazil thereby enabling the tourists to enjoy boating also in Bolivia and Ecuador. When a family is planning to visit this continent of South America during their forthcoming vacation, they should not miss the opportunity of taking up an Amazon River cruise trip.

Hiking Patagonia: This region is popularly called as Patagonia and it spreads over Chile and Argentina that can offer a spectacular hiking experience to the tourists. The landscapes, fauna and flora cannot be found anywhere in the world and in this region also luxury trips are available in addition to economy trips for the tourists to select from according to their requirement.

In the northern part of Patagonia, tourists can enjoy hikes around many wonderful forestlands and lakes and during this trip tourists can get an opportunity to spot an Andean Condor as well. If the tourists wish to chill out themselves, they can hike on the top of the glaciers, which can offer them a scintillating experience.

South America has many untouched wonders and the above-mentioned two places are specially meant for nature and adventure lovers to make their vacation ever memorable.

Source by Kelth Zudith