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Creating your own website and starting an online business can be a frustrating matter, not only for beginners but for people who might have some experience in the field as well, and many give up before even starting.

All you need to get started online is simply a one page website. Through this website, which is known as a squeeze page, you will build your business.

As I mentioned earlier creating a website for the first time can be quite overwhelming but if you have the tools and knowledge it is something that can be done by anyone – even a complete newcomer.

I understand that many people don’t really get the process of creating a successful online business and that is the reason most fail. It is actually simple but of course like any other business(because this is a real business) it takes time and work.

To create a profitable online business you first have to position yourself in a profitable niche and then create a one page website as i mentioned before. The next step is to generate traffic to this website and gather emails of people interested in your product. I cannot stress enough about this next and final part which is building a relationship with your list of emails. Most of your online income originates from your list(more than 90%) and you have to take the time to nurture a relationship with it.

To create a website you will need to buy a domain name at a registrar(it allows you to have the rights for a certain name for your website). Then you will have to register for a hosting company(a host connects your website to the world wide web). These are the two elements you need to get started online.

Designing your website might sound complicated but it really isn’t. To design your website you will need a program called html editor(i personally use kompozer which is free and downloadable). With this program in handy you can edit your website anyway you want plus it is a lot of fun:D.

Creating an online business is genuinely achievable by anyone with a will to put in the energy and work needed.

I hope I gave you some insights as to how to get started online and create your own website.

If you found this article helpful and want to learn more, click on the link below for detailed instructions on creating your website step-by-step and from there on how to create a successful online business. Take action now to change your financial life.

Source by Raph N Vasilas