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In this day and age, it's safe to say that almost everyone you know accesses or at least has heard about the website, YouTube. In the event that you do not, YouTube is a video-sharing website created back in 2005 and has been owned by Google in November 2006. The company, which now operates as a subsidiary for Google uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 to display video content such as clips from movies and TV, music videos and amateur content such as short original videos, educational videos, and video blogs (Vlogs). The website also currently holds the honor being the second most visited site in the world, only placing behind Google.

With popularity of YouTube and the current trend of Vlogs, it's not surprising that people have managed to learn how to make money off of it in a somewhat similar manner as to how some have managed to make money off a blogs. Vlogs, to put it simply is a form of web television in which almost anything goes. This article would like to look into this new, alternative form income and how to get started with your own Vlog. As with any possible business venture, you will often if not always find yourself thinking "is it worth it?" In a sense, the answer will always be a resounding yes. YouTube accounts are free and all you need would be a decent camera or webcam, a computer, access to the internet and you're basically almost halfway there.

So what do you feature in your Vlog? Anything you wish. What's important is that you have something that you can share with the world via your Vlog. May it be you playing music, cooking, doing stunts (with proper equipment and safety warnings, of course), playing practical jokes or even just discussing something and you want to share your opinion. You just have to make sure that whatever it is you'll do, it's not insulting, illegal and boring. Once you've found your niche, you can now go ahead and share your Vlog entries with the world via YouTube.

The next step is finding an audience. Of course, it's expected of your friends to watch your video at least once, but do not be afraid to maximize your access to social networks. Post it on Facebook, tweet it or even just shamelessly promote it (within reason) if you are a member of an online community like a forum and if it's somehow related, post it as a video response to a more well known and well received YouTube video. Once you've got your audience, make sure that they come back for more by establishing a channel of communication between you and them. Answer their comments or begin a conversation, feed their curiosity and hold their attention.

Now that you've got the ball rolling. You may now be thinking of a way on how to make money off your Vlog? The first option is just like how you make money off a blog-we mean the regular one-advertisements. Once you've established a regular following, you can sell targeted advertising space, offer promotions or even conduct a paid interview. Once you have a good enough online reputation, you may also work alongside YouTube via the YouTube Partner Program and make revenue off running regular ads. Seeing the trend that Vlogs has created, advertisers are keener to target YouTube as not only does it have a very huge audience, being connected to internet makes it easier for them to keep track of the population who responds to their ads, including as to when it was done and which area of ​​the globe they may be.

The next option you may want to venture into is with merchandise. Remember that once you have your following, the majority of your views would be from a repeat audience. After providing enough new material, which you add regularly, they may be able to assist you on your quest to make money off a blog , in this case, your Vlog. You may compile the fan favorites into a DVD to sell. T-shirts and other apparel are also very popular items. It does not have to stop there, have a cooking themed Vlog? Recipe books or Personalized Cooking Utensils. CDs for Musicians, How to Books for Artisans or even Plush Dolls. Like when you started you Vlog, your merchandise can be anything, because you can.

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