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Brand building has many benefits; freedom, happiness, and money, to name just a few. Read on to find out how a personal branding strategy can benefit you today!

Money: Well-known, quality brands command top dollar. You’ll pay more for a BMW than you will for a Kia. It will cost you more to hire Johnnie Cochran than John Doe. You’ll pay more for an Apple than an eMachine. When you’ve established your brand, you can charge more, too.

Clients: When you’ve built your brand and folks come to know who you are, you’ll see your business increase. It’s only natural. People want to do business with someone they know, like, and trust. As you get more and more satisfied clients, your business will continue to grow as word of mouth spreads about your fantastic services.

Advancement: As you build your brand image, don’t think your bosses won’t take notice. Blogging or tweeting about how fantastic your company is will get the higher-ups’ attention and they’ll earmark you as someone to watch. Be sure to “Friend” your company and post thoughtful, positive comments on the company channel. Is “partner” in your future? Before you know it, you’ll be watching the world go by from a nice corner office.

Swag: As more and more people come to know you and trust your opinion, you’ll get books and videos to review and invitations to seminars and retreats. People who are in the public eye frequently are sent free phones, clothes, computers, even cars, just so they can be seen in public using a certain product. Don’t think this kind of thing is just for movie stars. Mindful personal branding can make you an Internet icon, and before long you’ll be getting the same treatment as a rock star.

Consulting: As you build your brand and become well-known, you’ll start noticing that people are coming to you for advice. They may have issues with their own clients, or a business issue they need to talk to someone about, and you’re the one they chose. Your personal branding strategy has gotten you to the point where you’re now considered an expert in your field. Pat yourself on the back for this one!

Entrepreneurship: As your brand building continues through the years, you’ll be able to take the business acumen you’ve acquired and secure funding for business ventures. Your brand alone will get the attention of investors who will be frothing at the mouth to work with you.

Speaking: As your personal branding strategy starts to pay off, you’ll be asked to speak frequently. People will want to pick your brain and know how you achieved your success. Be sure to record all your appearances so you can repackage them later for your website or as information products.

Joint Ventures: As your personal brand grows, you may get offers from people to go into business together. Perhaps they need your expertise or your experience. Perhaps just having your name attached to the project is all they need to secure funding. Whatever the reason, your personal branding strategy has really paid off. Congratulations on a job well done!

Freedom: You have managed your personal branding strategy so your business almost runs itself. You’ve set up passive income systems that are really paying off now. You have time to spend with your family and friends. You are free. Life is good.

Happiness: Brand building has led you to a place in your life where you’re well-respected and well-compensated for your knowledge. You are making money whether you go to the office or not. Monetary pressures are a thing of the past. You set your own hours and work with the people you choose to work with. You wake up one morning and realize you have achieved happiness. You’ve won the game of life.

Source by Charlie Seymour Jr