The Real Deal Truth Will Get You Paid!

You know, I enjoy finding real paying survey sites online because the burden of finding them one by one is already done, and all I gotta do is register and start earning.

But! I noticed that most of the sites I visited have companies that either take weeks to payout or pays you with mere items, and some of them only have surveys that needs credit card usage. Most of the sites today was created in the mid 90’s so most of them do not exist anymore, therefore dead links!

So..I did an extensive research, FOUND, and joined the fastest paying and even PayPal approved sites. I don’t make much with my current job so I had time to patiently investigate online. Even if you work full-time, on slow days or during breaks at work you can still make use of our list and sign up for one, just to start with.

OR, if you’re unemployed and have internet access then sign up for all ten and start earning again. There is no need to spend countless unpaid hours scouring websites for legitimate survey sites to earn extra income in 2012.

Our definitive Top 10 list will guarantee your PayPal earnings flowing smoothly for this new year and towards a brighter future.

VINDALEs – This site pays a whopping amount of up to $75 for reviewing a product or service. Also, they pay a quick amount of $1 – $5 for taking up their surveys. There are much more services available where they pay the viewers for watching their short videos online, and reward mail for interacting with email advertisements etc. They also pay you for referring your friends. All with PayPal or check.

FUSION CASHs – This site would welcome the users with a short note that it is open for US residents only, so beware if you live outside of the U.S. This website has awarded their customers since its start in 2005. A sign up bonus of $5! Also here in this site you won’t be requiring any credit card for accessing most of the surveys. There is also a community forum available, where you would get paid just for posting! Check or PayPal user-friendly as well.

INBOX PAYSs – Here you would get a $5 instantly for your sign-up and once registered, you will be promoted for trial offers, games etc. You can redeem your funds quickly with this website. Also, they pay a mammoth amount of cash of up to $75 per survey completed. You can also earn just by playing games in this website. This website also offer referral bonuses and cash mails, all via PayPal or check.

PANDASRESEARCH – This website is quite popular among students for whom the money is tight. You’d get paid for the product reviews and also allowed to keep sample products as incentives. The pay range of this site is from $3 – $75 for every survey and offer completed. One fascinating feature of this website is that, they pay you 10% of the earnings made by your referrals for life time deposited through your PayPal!

PRIZELIVEz – Here, you could make quick money from taking up daily tasks, doing surveys either daily or monthly, to shared shopping etc. They also offer game credits for participating in their games. This website pays the users instantly with a minimum payout of just $1, one of the best programs available with PayPal.

MINDFIELDs ONLINE – This website has a very simple registration process. Once registered, you’d be allowed to take up surveys where you are expected to provide thoughtful answers. Just like other websites, they too offer referral programs. Here the smallest payout is $5 with PayPal.

HITS4PAYs – Allows you to earn cash just by reading advertiser’s emails, visiting reputed advertiser’s websites, acting on offers that interest you and also by referring others to the program. The best thing about hits4pay is that they route the offers that match your demographics. Also, this is one of the highest paid surveys available. They too offer a sign up bonus of $5 on PayPal!

SNAPs DOLLARS – This service allows you to earn money by completing various tasks. Here you’d get a $5 for sign up and you could cash it out when your earnings reach $40. First, you could earn by reading emails. This service pays anywhere from 1 to 20 cents per email. Also, you could earn by taking up offers. The thing is that you should keep track of all the offers that you have taken to make sure your earnings are correct. They have paid many users and are considered one of the legitimate service providers online.

POINTS4REWARDSs – This website is considered as one of the best paying sites online. The minimum cash payout is $1. They provide wide variety of highly paid offers and also some big paying contests. Many of the users claim that you would get the rewards soon after the request is made. This site also pays you a percentage of your referral earnings. The only thing is that, this website is not open for international users.

INBOX DOLLARSs – People, don’t get mixed up with the website! There are tons of easy ways to cash in with this website like reading paid emails, shopping online, playing online games, taking surveys etc. They too offer a $5 instant bonus for signup. Since its inceptions in 2000, this site is serving around 8 million members.

The above shown are the 10 Best Paid Online Survey Sites of 2012. There might be other websites available, but they don’t stand closer to the ones listed above. Sign up for these sites and start earning now!

Source by Fritz A Castronuevo