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Since launching the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, Amazon has created an amazing tool for authors to take control of their book publishing process. There is no more need to endlessly submit books to dozens of publishers hoping that somebody will read it, like it, and find a place for it in their catalog. But, the new self-publishing frontier is not without its problems.

Self-publishing means you (as the author) are responsible for everything. Once you get your book ready for publication, you are responsible for promoting it too. The marking process does not come naturally for many authors. I am going to share 3 secrets for getting the best results for your self-publishing work.

Here are 3 secrets to selling more Kindle ebooks:

  1. Keep Writing
  2. Internal Linking
  3. Craft Your Amazon Sales Page

Secret #1 – Keep Writing

The biggest mistake first time self-publishers make is thinking they can create one book and strike it rich. The truth is, the more you publish, the better your chances of building an audience for your work. Even better is to create a book series. Tom Clancy had the ‘Jack Ryan’ series, Sir Arthur Conan Dolye had ‘Sherlock Holmes’, and Sue Grafton has her ‘alphabet series’. But, it’s not just fiction writers who benefit from this approach. Think how many ‘Chicken Soup’ books have been written over the years.

Once people read one book in a series, they are more likely to read more. That leads us to secret number two.

Secret #2 – Internal Linking

For decades traditional publishers have used this promotional tactic. Inside every book they publish is a list of ‘Other Books By This Author.’ The more books you have published, the more chances you have to connect with a new reader. If you keep a list of your other books inside everything you publish, satisfied readers will find their way to your other books.

One of the great things about publishing books on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform is that you can update a book after it has been published. This means that every time you publish a new book, you can go back through your older books and update your list of other books available.

Secret #3 – Craft Your Amazon Sales Page

The primary sales tool you have when promoting your books as a self-published Kindle author is the Amazon listing for your book. Too many authors treat the content of this page as an after thought, but it is your single best marketing tool. Your listing must be carefully crafted to entice readers to take a chance and order your book.

The Amazon website is a marketing machine. The key to getting it to work for you is to get you book onto the various bestseller lists. Following the 3 secrets outlined in this article will greatly improve your changes of getting your Kindle ebook onto the bestellers list.

Source by Andrew Seltz