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The laziest way to gather in a massive number of new sales for your online business is to maximize your branding strategies. Everyone has to know who you are by the logo they see to be drawn into your business. If they don’t know who you are, every time they stop by, they’re NEW customers.

1. Bring consistent recognition to your customers by maintaining your logo in visible methods of advertizing and marketing. Use it on everything. Every time your customer sees your business in any format, you want them to catch a glimpse of your logo. Try putting it on your products, in your mailers, and on your website. Everyone wants to know who you are, so post your logo and tell them.

2. Use an easily recognized logo. Often people get so intrigued by the options of graphic art design that they forget the KISS principle of logo design. Keep it Simple Stupid actually means something important in advertizing. You’d better be able to print it clearly, in a very few strokes. Is there any reason you’d want a dull, boring and lifeless logo nobody recognizes?

3. Grab your readers attention with something FREE or LOW-COST attached to your logo. They’ll remember where they got there if it’s free to spend their time on your corner of the Internet. Give them something they’ll remember, either a free product or service, or give them something free. They’ll remember where they got it – if your logo is on it.

Consider how your customer feels about your business. When your customers like you, are attracted to you, and want to do business with you, they will come back.

Source by Jan Verhoeff