Are you looking for build your own website using web authoring tools for your content and design? There are a lot of software applications out there. But with the choices available, choosing the best tools that fits your requirements can be confusing. In this article, we’ll help you find three highly recommended web authoring tools plus additional resources that will be useful for your website.

GoLive CyberStudio – this tool is more than just a simple WYSIWYG editor, there are also a lot of good features that allow users to build and publish a website from scratch. The pages can also be edited using HTML codes, within a layout, or using the unique editor mode in the software – all these comes with tool palettes to make the task easier. When it comes to site and graphical management, CyberStudio can also provide an easy solution. Other important features include the JavaScript Actions and Development Kit that are already built in as well as the QuickTime Editing and ColorSync technology for better coloring.

Adobe SiteMill – provides a hassle-free solution when it comes to managing HTML documents. Linking to new and existing websites is easy; it is also possible to check and correct links using the editor’s drag-and-drop features. This application is included with the PageMill software for Mac computers.

Macromedia Dreamweaver – then of course, no list will be complete without mentioning the Dreamweaver. It is currently the most popular HTML editor out there. Aside from being a WYSIWYG editor, the Dreamweaver also supports Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), CSS Positioning (CSS-P), and the frame and table creation with simple drag-and-drop technology. Users will also find that Dreamweaver is a great tool for JavaScript (for animation, rollover effects, etc) and Netscape Layers. Certain site management capabilities are included. Other noteworthy features include its link checking/editing capability.

Besides the three web authoring tools we mentioned above, there is more software out there that are also noteworthy. We’ll mention two more in this article:

Microsoft FrontPage – FrontPage supports a number of features that make it easy for web designers to create websites. It includes a WYSIWYG editor, the Microsoft GIF Animator, and the Microsoft Image Composer. There are also templates that help hasten the building process and wizards that make the task much easier.

HoTMetal Pro – there are three editing environments within this software including the direct HTML source code, HTML-Tag, and WYSIWYG graphical editing mode. Another helpful feature the Site Maker, which is a tutorial for creating websites without HTML, is also included in the software. HotMetal Pro also integrates the Information Manager (a visual way to manage links and documents), Power Tools (Java editor, animated GIF tool, VRML creator, and personal web server), and FX (a collection of Java scripts, image maps, and Dynamic HTML.

Hopefully, the list provided here would be of some help to you. Most of these applications offer a free trial so give it a try to see which software suits your style best.

Source by Jason Kay