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Hands down, a conversion rate optimisation service (also known as CRO) delivers significantly higher profits and greater ROI than SEO, social media marketing (SMM), or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. But if you have never heard of CRO or perhaps thought it was the same thing as SEO, then don’t feel bad. In fact, the vast majority of website owners either don’t know about CRO or do in fact think it is the same thing as SEO-and there are good reasons for the lack of knowledge and misperceptions. But before we get to these reasons, it would probably be best to at least start with a brief explanation of what exactly a conversion rate optimisation service actually does and how it can boost your online conversions by up to 100% or more.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a systematic process that identifies and then fixes all on-site and off-site factors that are suppressing your website conversions. So basically, a conversion rate optimisation service will optimise all of your core website components so you generate more online sales with your existing traffic. These “core website components” include:

Direct Response Copywriting

Core Website Design and Layout

Website Navigation

Web Programming

Primary Website Traffic Sources

In many cases, the vast majority of your website is fine but CRO experts dial-in on the little issues that are slowly “bleeding away” your conversions using website traffic analysis. So instead of wasting time and money completely rewriting sales pages or redesigning your website, the conversion rate optimisation service will only fix what’s broke while leaving everything else in place.

Now here’s the best part: Unlike PPC or even SEO where your additional sales will either immediately disappear or fade the minute you stop investing, the additional sales and increased conversion rate last long after an optimisation is completed. Combined with the fact that a conversion rate optimisation service won’t increase your marketing budgets like PPC, SEO, or SMM, and you can see why the ROI from CRO is sky-high in comparison. How much higher? With no exaggeration, the ROI from CRO is easily more than double any competing option for increasing website sales-easily.

Now I get it: You weren’t born yesterday and you have heard claims similar to this before about SEO, social media marketing, and right now: Content marketing. So if a conversion rate optimisation service delivers a massive ROI compared to other Internet Marketing options, then why isn’t everyone screaming it from the rafters and trying to offer these services?

Well, here are the 4 biggest reasons why you just aren’t hearing about conversion rate optimisation:

  1. Internal Staff and Current Providers Are Scared of CRO: The first step any legitimate CRO expert or company will take is to perform detailed traffic and heat mapping analysis of your website to find all of the problems that are killing your online sales. Do you think the internal staff or Internet Marketing company that created the site wants to tell you about a service that is going to expose the mistakes they made? Of course not and since fixing past mistakes to increase conversions is the very point of a conversion rate optimisation service, no internal staff or current Internet Marketing provider will tell you about it or the benefits it can provide.
  2. Internet Marketers Can’t Create Cheap Knock-Offs: If the Internet Marketing guru’s could honestly create a program or system that even appeared to optimise a site, then they would already be selling it. The fact is that since no two websites are the same and can require changes to copywriting, web design, and web programming, CRO cannot be standardised or performed by a program.
  3. You Can’t Fake CRO: Make no mistake: There are loads of freelancers and companies out here selling SEO, PPC, and SMM services without any clue of how to deliver a favorable ROI for their clients. Instead, they “fake it” by driving untargeted traffic or posting a lot of content without delivering any conversions. But with a conversion rate optimisation service, increasing the conversion rate and overall profits is the entire point which means you can’t fake it-the online sales and qualified leads either increase because you know what you are doing or they don’t and you are exposed as a fraud immediately. Therefore, you don’t see a ton of people promoting CRO services like you do for the other Internet Marketing Services.
  4. Most Site Owners Assume More Traffic is the Key to Online Success: Do you know the first thing that most website owners do after they generate their first sale? They immediately go looking for ways to generate more traffic, and thus more sales. But generating a consistent and profitable level of conversions is always the key to maximising online profits because what is the point of driving more traffic if it’s converting at ½ or less of the site’s full potential? Since most website owners assume more traffic is the key to success, they don’t even pay attention to the actual conversion rate or how much money they are leaving on the table.

Over time and because the results last long after the project is complete, a conversion rate optimisation service outperforms SEO, SMM, PPC, and even Content Marketing by a factor of 2:1 or more for overall ROI. But since the results of CRO cannot be faked and the process itself reveals flaws in the current website, no one in the Internet Marketing industry is really talking about this very profitable service.

But if you do know your website’s current conversion rate, do yourself one big favor: Go to Google and type in: “average conversion rate Google 2013” to pull up an infographic that displays the average conversions for all the main industry niches. If your website isn’t at least matching the average conversion rate for your industry in PPC, then you are losing a lot of money. Because PPC traffic doesn’t convert anywhere near as well as SEO or SMM traffic sources so if you aren’t matching the average for your industry in PPC, then you are definitely losing enough sales to justify conversion rate optimisation. After all, even small gains in conversion rate will net a huge ROI since the results last long after the conversion rate optimisation service has completed their work.

Source by Jon Kreps