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If you have some artistic talents and want to sell something unique, selling on eBay is a great place to start. You can sell something creative and not just the same as everyone else. It is easy to get started and has low start up costs. Here are some ideas to help you create products to sell on eBay. These are just a small number of ideas to get you started.

1. Write some articles on a topic you are interested in. You could sell a collection of articles and you choose what type of rights you are selling. You could sell to website owners your unique articles that are not available anywhere else. You could even submit your articles to article directory sites, and provide a link back to your eBay ‘About Me’ page, or your eBay store.

2. Take some photos and create a collection of images. You could take some photos of your work and sell the photos (Paintings, drawings, sculpting, or what ever your visual talent may be). You could sell the images to website owners who are looking for unique images for their website. Modify your images, tile them for backgrounds, reduce the size for thumbnails, and even lighten (fade) them for background effects. You could even create note cards from your images and sell on eBay.

3. If you have the talent and ability to create a website (HTML and images), you could sell a unique web template. Website owners are looking for new website templates that are unique. Try to keep the HTML simple and add in the code for AdSense (PPC ads on your site), Amazon, Clickbank (Affiliate products). Make it easy for those codes to be changed by your customer.

4. Create an audio of you talking about something you have knowledge about or are interested in. Write out a list of questions, and record yourself answering those questions. You could even transcribe the audio and make it into a PDF. The topics are endless on this, and you could use this idea over and over again.

5. Create a video of you talking or doing something you have talent, knowledge about, or are interested in. Create a video of you doing your talent, such as a painting from start to finish. You can always add audio instructions after the video taping is done. And the topics are endless on this one as well.

Access your talents, abilities, skills, and what you are interested in. Be creative in your exploring and you will find a great business that you will love. To help you further in your business, you should follow someone who has already been there and done that. Someone who will really help you.

Please note: Last year eBay changed its policy about digital delivery, please do not let that stop you, all you need to do is sell your products on a CD.

Source by Amy L Anderson