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90 Second Website Builder makes it so easy to build websites that even a nine year old can do it!  There is no HTML knowledge required.  All you have to do it add text and images to your page and the HTML it is automatically created.  You can generate a fixed page layout using 90 Second Website Builder.  Review HTML editors such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage show that they do not allow full control over layout.

90 Second Website Builder is not an HTML editor, but is an HTML generator.  The difference is that HTML editors use dynamic page layout which means that any changes to the first object applied to page determines the position of the second object and subsequently affect the entire layout of page.  This is not true when using 90 Second Website Builder.  Review of the easy fixed page layout shows that all objects operate freely of the other giving you much more control over the layout.  You can also add existing HTML from other programs to your page using the advance object tools.  But that is not all, you have many more options available with Website Builder that you do not with HTML editors, such as adding navigation bars, banners, and java scripts (ready made).  Features such as Drag and Drop, where you can design, point, click and publish without a template driven platform and no monthly service fees, One Click Publishing, with instant upload and no FTP program needed and No Special Hosting – you are free to do whatever you want, design whatever you want and use any hosting provider when you are done.

90 Second Website Builder Reviews are in and it is so easy to use while still including all the advanced features that professional designers want.  The Website Builders saves hours and hours of design time, no matter what level you are at.  The pros love it for the time saving and ease at which to design more and more websites in a fraction of the time.  But anyone can build a sleek and professional website without having to learn HTML or other HTML editor software packages. 90 Second Website Builder makes website building the easiest it has been since the advent of the internet.

Source by Steven De Gracia