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While job seekers used to send out printed resumes for job applications in the past, it has become necessary today to have web ready resumes which are created with HTML. There are a number of tools which are currently available for creating these resumes in order to reach out to more potential customers and to create a strong impression on recruiters.

The Advantages

There are several advantages of creating a web ready resume. It allows employers to access your resume any time they want. It also allow passive job seeking and allows you to provide links to your work samples and portfolios. This will allow you to demonstrate your skills easily to potential employers. A resume of this nature is also very important for anyone involved in graphic design, copywriting and web design. However, you will need to ensure that you have the right means and the place to publish your resume in order to benefit from it. It will ultimately allow you to expand the audience accessing your resume so you will have more job interviews and opportunities. It will act as the perfect supplement to your existing resume.

Use A Sample

Creating a web ready resume is not very difficult with so many samples available on the internet. You can browse the selection to find something with the format and design that would fit your needs. You can simply save the resume by using an HTML section and use an HTML editor or Netscape for putting in your own information and making it your own.

Converting Text Resumes

If you already have a text resume then you can easily convert it to a web ready resume. Simply paste the resume in an HTML editor or in Netscape Composer. You can use the in-built editing functions and make formatting adjustments to fine tune it and make it perfect for your use.

Use Web Building Services

Probably one of the easiest ways to create an easy to use online resume is by using one of the web building services available online. There are dozens of well known online applications and services which allow you to create a web resume of your own within minutes. These websites offer you templates, editing tools and easy publishing features which will ensure that your resume is available and accessible to potential recruiters and employers around the world. Many of these websites offer free registrations while some charge a nominal fee.

Using any of the methods listed above, you can easily create a web ready resume.

Source by Ricardo Lumbardo