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The market of PSD to XHTML has picked up huge demand in the last five years. The reason being that the web designing industry is booming at a fast pace. So, why web designing industry accelerated the growth of the PSD to HTML industry. The basic idea behind the markup services is quite simple. Web designers create digital images – files with.PSD, etc extensions using Adobe Photoshop and other software. To convert them into a webpage template or blog theme, you need to develop HTML code. Some web designers prepare websites in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files. It is basically a technique of designing websites that allows changes to be made on all the web pages just by changing some code in one file. They use PSD file formats to save these web pages. But it is not possible to use these in this format. There is a need to incorporate XHTML code, the generally accepted code for web site design. It is also possible to create terrific template for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento based sites with the combination of PSD slicing, HTML and CSS markup.

Need for Converting PSD files into valid HTML

PSD Slicing is an important step of web development. Moreover, PSD to HTML conversion carries huge importance for web creation and it can never be neglected, if you wish to fulfill the specific business requirements. Making website based on Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento whatever, there is no way without HTML Code. Since for online business, website is like an asset. It is very important to develop a website while considering the issues like accessibility, cross browser compatibility, SEO and compliance to web standards.

Advantages of Hiring Markup Service Providers

PSD to HTML is a very skillful task. Though web designers can perform it themselves, if they have good knowledge about coding. But this part of web development is a very tiring and time consuming task. So, it is highly recommended to hire a markup service provider. Below, you will see some of the benefits of hiring PSD to HTML service providers:

a) Assistance in Work: The good and reputed markup service providers offer quality markup service in less turnaround time. This prevents the designers from being over-burdened and avoids the delay in the delivery of the projects. In short, this saves on both time and money of web designers.

b) Facilitates Cross browser Compatibility: These days, when people access Internet via various devices like desktops, smart phones, laptops, iPads and so on. It is very important to resolve the issue of cross browser compatibility so as to ensure the complete accessibility of the website. The testing team of most of the PSD to HTML service confirms fulfillment on common web browsers.

c) Hand Coded and Semantic Markup: PSD to HTML service provides offers hand coded and semantic markups. Reputed providers don’t make use of automated software to produce coding as there are some nice technicalities which are not handled by these software. Semantic coding helps in search engine optimization of the website.

d) W3C Standards and Quality Assurance: The markup offered by these providers are W3C standards compliant. Code is properly formatted and indented for easy reading or editing.

There is intense competition between all the players in the market. This compels them to develop XHTML/CSS code in line with the latest Web trends. But still you need to be careful while selecting a service provide for your projects. The best way is to evaluate the service provider on the parameters listed above.

Source by Justin M. Spencer