Amazon Echo Accessories – Do You Need Them?

OK so you might have just bought your Amazon Echo and you might be wondering what kind of accessories are available or how important they are. There is one feature that this gadget has and that is the ability to turn your lights on or off by voice command or anything else that is plugged in for that matter. That’s right, you ask Alexa to turn your lights on or off and that is exactly what she will do. Through your smart phone she can even turn on the lights as you are driving up to the house. It’s not just your garage door you can open when you are driving up to your house anymore.

What Else Can Alexa Turn On and Off?

  • Turn On Your Space Heater
  • Coffee Maker
  • Night Lights
  • Christmas Lights
  • Iron (incase you accidentally left it on)
  • Fans

And much more!

As you can see, if you love convenience, then you will love this particular feature. To enjoy it though you would need the “Wemo Switch and the Wemo Light Bulb”.

Hard Leather Cases – Just In Case…

The Amazon Echo also has hard leather cases which I think would be a necessity. Just don’t get one that has the appearance of a dog bone and you will be OK.

The one thing I really like about the protective cases is that they have a lot of different designs to make your device really snazzy looking. There are also tons of designs to choose from. I am not sure just how much a leather case would protect your new toy, but they also do have hard case protection as well.

Don’t Want To Protect It? Then Skin It!

Next up is some eye candy and that is the Skin. This doesn’t really fall into the I Need This category, but still is nice to look at. As with the protective leather cases the Amazon Echo skins also have many, many designs. I have read some reviews on these skins and some people have had a hard time getting the wrinkles out once they have put the skins on. I dunno maybe they didn’t put them on right as there are not a terrible amount of complaints on this issue.

Wooden Holders…

If you would rather not worry about putting your Amazon Echo in a protective case to stash it away somewhere then you could go with the Amazon Echo Wooden Holder that actually looks pretty darn good.

The Remote Control…

This was a pretty nice accessory to have, but they have been out of stock for some time and Amazon does not know if and when it will be coming back. The Amazon Echo Remote would have allowed you to control your Amazon Echo from any room in the house. I sure hope they are either making more or found whatever issues it was having and fix it so they can bring it back.


It seems that the Amazon Echo doesn’t have a ton of accessories, but we have to keep in mind that the Amazon Echo is really just a baby. It is growing with leaps and bounds and they are always coming out with new commands, features, and updates. So we need to keep a close eye to see what is next! In the meantime if you have an Amazon Echo you can easily see how all the features it does have has made your days much more productive and easier!

Source by Chris H Walsh