Amazon Repricing

Do you require an Amazon repricing solution that creates higher profits and more sales?

All too often Amazon sellers are looking for an edge on sales that only an Amazon repricing service can provide. Let me give you some backstory about repricing on Amazon. You have a large inventory and you need to get it onto Amazon but you don’t know how to price it to maximize return on investment. Pricing has less to do with profits and more about sales. As bringing in a small profit sale on Amazon can be lead generation for your own sites. Price an item too low and you loose possibilities profits, price it too high and you make no sales. You want to be able to do this across your entire inventory but you can’t afford the time it takes to do this process manually. Its daunting to do it manually as an single item can change price by a few pennies every 5 min. This leaves you with one option, Amazon repricing done via a repricing service.

Repricing maximizes sales by increasing the volume of times your products are in the Amazon merchant’s Buy Box -increasing sales -increasing profit margins. Repricing your inventory on Amazon automatically determines and optimizes product pricing and merchandising offers on Amazon and other third-party online shopping channels. Features include rules-based criteria, continuous price adjusting, and the ability to tailor product offers based on competing sellers and programs.

How to deal with Repricing when you have to deal with IMAP (internet minimum advertised price). Repricing with IMAP is difficult as most companies cheat enough to make some sales volume but not so much as to get caught. This creates problem with rule based repricing because if you set you low price for the repricing software to be lower then IMAP then you can get caught. So how do you reprice with IMAP. You have to set up a custom Amazon re-pricer that shifts prices every 5 min, dancing above IMAP and below so that their suppliers would not get wind of their strategy. How did it work out? Sellers using this technique have seen a dramatic 40% lift in sales and a 60% lift in Amazon buy box percentage. How do we know, well they are some of the largest sellers in their categories on Amazon and very happy customers of ours. If you could increase your Amazon buy box percent by 60% I think you would be happy as well.

Source by Bill F Wilson