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We can’t seem to live without credit cards thanks to frequent traveling and some, like the Amzon.com Rewards Card, can be “rewarding” but users have to navigate the waters carefully because credit cards can be a “sink or swim” exercise. To keep your head above the water and to enjoy a “rewarding” high tide, we’ve got the low down on the Amazon.com Rewards Card after being a frequent Amazon.com credit card user.

The 411 on the Amazon.com Rewards Card:

The Amazon.com rewards card is a Visa card issued by Chase Bank. We found a competitive interest rate of 15 % after enjoying a 6 months 0 interest period.

There is no annual fee for this card. There is also a 20-day grace period.

It can be used to make purchases at Amazon.com or anywhere that accepts Visa.

Applications for an Amazon.com Rewards Card:

Current details as well as an application for a credit card can be found at Amazon.com’s main page. Applying online is easy and you can receive an answer in minutes. There is also a toll free number to call if you would rather speak to a live representative, 888-247-4080.

Examples of New Customer Incentives:

* 6 months zero interest

* Cash off of the first purchase (in our case $30.00)

* No transfer fees to transfer balances

In our case, we were offered all three of these incentives, which was just too good to turn down.

The Rewards:

Customers accrue reward points for using the credit card.

*Purchases made at Amazon.com using the card earn users 3 points per dollar.

*Other purchases earn users 1 point per dollar.

*Customers are rewarded with $25.00 Amazon.com gift certificates for every 2,500 points earned.

*Cash advances and balance transfers do not earn points.

While there are many pros to choosing an Amazon.com credit card, there are also some cons users should be aware of.

The cons include that users report inconsistent customer service if there’s a problem. Another con is that there are huge penalties for late payments. The 15% interest rate can jump to up to 30% if you make a late payment in addition to late payment fees. Also watch out for the over the limit fee which is $35.00. If you’re not careful about making payments on time, the fees will quickly overtake any rewards that you have coming.

Overall this card is recommended as being credit card options that can be very “rewarding’ if all payments are made on time. Frequent Amazon.com shoppers can quickly reel in rewards with this credit card and with an Amazon.com gift certificate you really can reward yourself with just about any treat you desire.

Source by Lisa Carey