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Taking up online paid surveys is a very popular trend nowadays. If you don’t want to be left behind, you are encouraged to start getting ready to join this online activity. Before signing up to any of the survey sites, you are reminded to take the following steps:

  • Put in some effort and time to search for some genuine free online survey sites. You can do your research through Google, Yahoo or Bing. Besides, you can also use any search engine you like. You can usually get some good recommendations from the internet users. At the same time, you will be able to read some positive and negative feedback about the particular sites easily. By reading all these comments, you can avoid yourself from scams. To be frank, there are many online companies which are good at deceiving innocent online users. Hence, you need to act smart and avoid yourself from being trapped.
  • Check the reliability and trustworthiness of the online sites through the following channels, i.e. Web Of Trust (WOT), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), VeriSign and TrustE. These professional bodies are able to provide detailed information about any survey site in terms of its security and privacy.
  • Observe the survey sites carefully to find out the way how they present their businesses. If you evaluate the content carefully, you may find that some sites are specially designed to do promotion on their products and services. They have hidden purpose. They pretend to offer survey online but obviously they just hope that you are attracted to purchase their products online. Bear in mind, a genuine survey company will never sell products or services to its participants.
  • Review the payment systems of various survey sites carefully. Some sites claim that they will mail the paycheck to their members. Some other sites claim that they will make their payment through PayPal account. In order to play safe, you are advised to contact PayPal to find out whether the survey sites you have short listed are actively following PayPal’s policy and terms of service. This step is important because you need to ensure that you can really receive their payment in future when you complete their surveys.

Making full preparation is essential because you will be able to avoid yourself from being cheated by illegal online companies. After taking all the steps stated above, you can start earning extra pocket money in a safe manner.

Source by Jeslyn Jessy