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Microsoft ASP.NET has created a strong hold on the web development market. This program allows the web developer to create web applications that are dynamic in nature. This technology has been designed in a fashion to link employees, customers and business all together. The basic idea is to build up a strong network and enable better business monitoring. ASP.NET also ensures better security services, which is one of the primary concerns of all developers. The Microsoft .NET Framework enables the development of sophisticated application development, which has great value in the distributed environment across the World Wide Web. This framework is structured to develop applications that have less number of bugs.

Indian Companies working with ASP.NET

There are a large number of companies that are currently using this free technology for several of reasons. This application runs on a variety of technology and hardware. This framework supports a large number of languages ​​and hence companies can serve customers with varied interest.

In India this is known to be one of the most acceptable technologies and hence companies are fast adapting it. In India, ASP.NET is used broadly as the pages developed through these are commonly known as Web Forms. These Web Forms are stored in the server, which provides rich performance. Web Forms, which is a unique feature of this framework, that provides you flexible website pages.

Best features of ASP.NET

There are several reasons why you should use ASP.NET. One of the reasons is that for ASP.NET application, there is no need of adding the source code (.VB or.CS) files as it is based on Object Oriented Programming (OOP). The coding is encrypted in the DLL or library file. The two most important components of ASP.NET are Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Libraries (FCL). These two components enable the web developer to generate a rich application with a professional look and feel.

When it comes to the creation of a robust and dynamic application then there can be no other exception to ASP.NET framework. The framework fascinates people from wide across the world, who are utilizing it at all levels. Not only the tier-one but the mid to low level companies are also trying to adapt the new development in the Microsoft world. Microsoft products had always been user-friendly and this is simply not an exception. A professional training on the framework, coupled with experience, can create an efficient ASP.NET application developer. Therefore even if you are planning to build a small website, this framework can be the best available option in the market. There are a large number of Indian companies which can serve you the most desired performance that you had been seeking for your exclusive website.

Source by Sunny Jhamtani