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QupZilla is a new and exciting web browser designed for general users. This application is based on Qt Framework and WebKit core. It boasts features comparable to Firefox and Chrome, but uses fewer resources than its competitors. This browser was developed by David Rosca, a Czech Linux user. QupZilla comes with several add-ons and themes for an enjoyable browsing experience.

This open source web browser can run on any operating system that has a Qt port. QupZilla unifies history, bookmarks, and RSS features in one window. It also uses icons from the active desktop icon theme. It has all the standard functions you expect from a reliable browser. Its key features include:

• One well-arranged window

• Opera-like “speed dial” home page

• Private browsing mode

• SSL certificate manager

• Windows 7 API integration

• Chrome and Firefox bookmark importing

• Search engine manager

• Multiple themes

• History and bookmarks sidebar

• Integrated AdBlock support

• Consumes less system resources

• Add RSS feed into external reader

• Support for third party subscriptions in AdBlock

• Users can turn animations off

• Configurable interface

• Built-in add-ons

• Supports Flash and HTML5

• Unified library

• Cookie manager

If you are tired of visiting websites full of advertisements that are eating your bandwidth, then you should check out QupZilla. This easy to use application blocks adverts and promotional material and ensures a safe browsing experience. The browser can be easily customized and has multiple add-ons installed by default. A dialog for notifications is also included.

QupZilla features an integrated RSS reader that allows you to stay up to date with your favorite websites. This web browser has been originally created only for educational purposes. Its main goal is to be a very fast and secure QtWebKit browser available to everyone. Users can import bookmarks from other sites and customize the browser’s interface with a few clicks. The preferences window has some fantastic privacy features to protect your identity online.

Bookmarking your favorite sites is very easy. All you have to do is to hit the star in the search bar and then choose a place to save it to. Configuring this browser is similar to configuring Firefox. The preferences menu has lots of options including a password manager, a download manager, notifications, and network proxy configurations. This advanced program loads pages very fast and has the ability to pass off external programs and parameters as the download manager. QupZilla is relatively new and bugs are being worked out, so make sure you give it a try.

Source by Teresa A Douglas