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The web has become more and more accessible to the average person over the years. We’ve gone from the internet being basically a system of interlinked bulletin boards which were only accessible to government and academic organizations and through a gradual evolution, to the World Wide Web we know today. Getting online has gotten easier over time and so has creating your own online presence; there are now hundreds of different programs available for the purpose of building websites and as you can imagine, anyone in search of the best website builders has their work cut out for them as a result.

There really is no single set of answers to which of the many website builder programs out there is the best, since this all depends on your needs and your level of technical skill. There are free programs and ones which are commercially available. There are tools which have a lot of powerful tools and allow total control over your website as you build and maintain it but are designed for highly skilled users rather than novices. There are website builders which are strictly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and require little or no knowledge at all of HTML, CSS or any other web programming language.

You can also find something in between, such as content management systems that permit you to use pre-made templates and themes or get your hands into the code and customize them to your wants and needs depending on how comfortable you are working directly with your own site’s code. It’s all up to how you’d prefer to build your site and what kind of features you’d like to see in something you’d consider one of the best site building tools. Since there is no way to objectively list the best tools around, the following are a few of the most popular choices, each of which represents a different kind of approach to website building.


This blogging and content management software allows users to create a very simple site using a ready-made template or, if they don’t mind delving into XHTML and CSS code, to customize every element of their site while still being able to enjoy this content management system’s ease of administration. If you’re looking for a free website, you can also have your WordPress-based site hosted by WordPress.com; however, like other free hosting solutions, it isn’t the best choice for commercially oriented sites.

Yahoo Sitebuilder

Yahoo’s Sitebuilder tool is known to be pretty easy to use as well as offering tutorials and around the clock support which makes it simply to create your own site. The only downside to this incredibly user friendly site building software is that you’ll need to host your site with the company in order to use Sitebuilder; if you do have Yahoo as your web hosting company, however, it’s a good choice – and free.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This software isn’t free, but if you know your way around HTML, XHTML, CSS and other web programming languages and would rather work directly with the code (or at least have the option to do so), this is one of the best website builders for you. It creates W3C compliant code, offers a wide range of capabilities and is, at least compared to some other professional-grade tools, easy to use as well.

Source by Elijah James