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Any effective brand development efforts must absolutely begin with selecting the right ‘image’ you want to establish. The ease and effectiveness of your brand building efforts will depend upon your image selection being in alignment with what you intend for it to represent. When this has been done then efforts must be placed into gaining the exposure needed to create the brand awareness wanted to help you get the job done. Here is where the correct branding strategies will need to be selected so that your efforts are the most efficient and effective that they can be.

Getting immediately to the point here are the 3 things you need to establish correctly when brand building online to make your efforts the most effective they can be!


You need to determine exactly what it is you want to project to others in terms of the image you select and how it relates to either your business or self. This should be a comfortable and relevant fit and if done correctly, will make it easy to select the right branding strategies to carry out your campaign.

Choose Proper Distribution Channels

Here you want the channels you choose to increase your exposure and build brand awareness to be consistent and/or relevant to the image you are building. Investing your efforts in markets, social communities or other areas of the internet that are unrelated to what you are representing is a waste of time. Quite simply in most cases these people are not interested and do not care!

Maintain Consistency On Authority Site

Whatever website or blog you designate as your primary site for the business you are branding must maintain a strong and consistent relevancy. Failure to do so will only serve to confuse visitors and in all likelihood dilute the effectiveness of your branding efforts if not in fact rendering them almost useless! Your primary, authority or mother site, whatever you choose to call it must reflect clearly the identity you are trying to develop. If it does not then postpone your efforts and make the necessary adjustments first!

Brand development is a process that relies upon constantly reinforcing the association of a particular ‘image’ with what it is intended to represent. However there must be both accuracy and consistency in any effort you put into brand building and this starts with selecting the appropriate identity. The fact is that if the identity selected does not ‘comfortably’ align with what it is intended to represent, effectively implementing any branding strategies will be very difficult. In order to successfully establish the brand awareness you want consistency must be maintained in the 3 areas discussed above. In doing so your branding efforts will be easier and the results will be that more deeply ‘branded’ into the minds of your target audience!

Source by TJ Philpott