Branding and Marketing the “You Inc.” imagine is far more important to your success than sharing all the information you have about your company or it’s products. When you’re asking a prospect to spend their time and their money to start a new business venture with you; like a network marketing business, they have questions and they look to you for answers. Whether you have been a distributor for one day or one month, you now have more knowledge about your business, than your prospect do.

When you are branding and marketing yourself instead of your company logo, it let’s prospects feel more confident and secure that they can succeed in the network marketing business, just the way you have. Remember new prospects are always asking themselves, “Can I do this?” and “Who is going to help me?” If you convey the feeling that you will be there every step of the way to insure their continued success, adding new downline members will be a whole lot easier for you.

New network marketers that have never built a business before need constant help and training just like a college intern gets help and training that eventually help them become a doctor. No one is born a doctor, a lawyer or an electrician, but some industry’s treat new hires like that is the case. Look at the sales profession, they give you a canned presentation and then tell you to go knock doors or do something to drum up business, and it’s up to you whether you succeed or not.

Branding and marketing the “You Inc.” factor has other advantages for you as well. You start to become known as a mover and a shaker in the network marketing business or whatever business that you’re in. People become attracted to you and your emails, provided that you are branding yourself as someone who shares good, quality information. Of course, the only way that you can do that is to constantly keep learning and gaining more knowledge about your industry. If you are in the network marketing business, you need to remember that this is a people helping people business and the more information that you share freely, the more good karma will come back to you. The ole saying is, “What goes around, comes around.”

If you search the internet, joining any of the different forums or social networks, just observe how many marketers try to rise above the crowd by offering their expertise on any given subject. These marketers realize by sharing good quality information, other marketers tend to look at them as someone to follow or listen to. We all have questions occasionally and look to someone that we consider to be an expert in that field for the answer.

Once you spend the time branding and marketing yourself to the point where prospects respect you and your answers, you will find that they may also be willing to join your business and leave theirs simply because you are giving them support and help. They may never hear from their upline in the program that they are in and they feel left out. This has happened many times over and over, so if you do have people below you in your business, I would definitely make the effort to stay in touch through emails, or setting up webinars just to be there to offer assistance and leadership to your group.

Source by Dan C Johnson