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Wix and Weebly are two of the premier website builders in the world. Weebly had the honor of being named in the top five best websites by Time Magazine in 2007. Wix is another free online platform that allows you to create flash websites using drag and drop tools. The result is a flashy, professional looking website with little time and no cost. Here, we are going to compare the different aspects of each site and see which one comes out on top.

Ease Of Use

All users of Weebly have remarked on how easy the site is to use. Essentially, even those who are borderline computer illiterate will find it easy to make the most of all the features on offer. The interface tells you everything you need to know at a glance and is extremely well organized. Weebly is the benchmark as far as ease of use in website builders is concerned.

Like most website builders, Wix enables you to make very basic pages quickly and easily. However, creating flashier pages takes a lot more effort and there is a learning curve here that doesn’t exist with Weebly. This is especially apparent if you wish to branch out and run a blog and a mobile version of your website because you will need to work on a trio of editors. This is not easy for newcomers to the website building experience.

Flexibility And Choice

Weebly has a host of stunning designs and also gives you access to the customization source code. You can even take a template which you have coded from scratch and use it. As smartphones are becoming more popular, the feature which automatically generates a website that is friendly to smartphone users is excellent.

As you would expect from a flash website, Wix offers an array of stylish selections. You have the option of customizing existing templates. Wix is also excellent for helping any social media marketing campaigns you have because it allows you to create welcome pages and banners on Facebook and a website that is friendly to mobile users.


Weebly offers a year long.com domain for $39.95 a year which is pretty expensive. Alternatively, re-direct a domain name you already own. If you use Google AdSense or other banner ads, Weebly will take half the revenue which is certainly a major downside. There is no limit to your depth of navigation because a drop-down menu will be automatically added to your navigation bar. Weebly also has the standard blog features and Google Analytics which is extremely helpful for those looking to track visitor statistics.

You get a free domain name with Wix but it is quite long. Changing it will cost you. Direct any existing domain name to Wix instead. The site adds sub-menus to your home page which gives you unlimited navigation. Wix’s big attraction is the array of widgets on offer which include videos, animation and image galleries. You need a Facebook account to enable comments on your blog and there is no Google Analytics tracking tool unless you take one of the paid plans.


Weebly is the better option in terms of free membership if you want to get a site up and running quickly. The file upload limit is only 5MB with 2 sites available and paid membership, which ranges from $3-$6 a month depending on the package, offers a 100MB file upload limit and 10 sites. Other than that, Weebly offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Wix is the better option for those with more website building experience and who are eager to create a more advanced site. The paid version of Wix is on offer for just under $10 a month. You get 500MB storage space for free and 2.5GB if you become a paid member.

It’s always a good idea to compare website builders and do your research before selecting a service.

Source by Jason Kay