In the last year I have met people that have tried to market their products on the internet. They have spent a significant amount of money on email marketing, pay per click advertising, safe lists and more. A majority of these people became disillusioned because their revenues from sales of their products were less then their advertising budget. They became very confused since their website statistics reflected a significant increase in hits which did not correlate to the number of sales.

They continued to join various marketing programs that they believed were going to make them rich with little or no effort only to find out once again they lost their money.

Their goal was to make money on the internet delivering a good product at an affordable price. They then realized, even if they have a new innovative product that’s fantastic, if consumer confidence is down the likelihood of them making a purchase is reduced significantly. After these people continued to lose money day in and day out they eventual came to the conclusion it was time to shut their website down. This was due to not matching the right kind of reliable marketing with their particular product.

Due to all the scams and misunderstandings regarding the internet people have become skeptical to use their credit cards online. Website owners found Paypal to be an excellent vehicle to increase sales. Paypal increased consumer confidence in turn sales dramatically increased. Paypal created a marketing package that was very user friendly. Once their Paypal accounts were set up, they immediately noticed they had an increase in sales that were directly tracked to Paypal. In some cases sales increased 1000%. Consumers also found it was easier to enter their password and click pay verses having to enter all their personal information. This came the consumer a comfort level and an easy way to make a purchase. This was a win win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

You can now even make money with Paypal’s Affiliate Merchant Referral Bonus Program.

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Marketing becomes easier to understand as you educate yourself with different marketing techniques.

Source by Howard Keith