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One of the main issues of top focus for many companies with an online presence or an internet marketing promotional spree or web campaign going on is this: how easy the users (shoppers and prospects) are able to find out about their website on the various search engines. And many marketers know the inevitable truth: that Google basically ranks websites according to the quality of content it has to offer.

While cheap thrills like an overuse of keywords does not make your content unique, able to necessarily rank higher in search engines, a lucrative proposition of reworking the resources to yield profits does. In short, innovative and unique content results in your website, by default, secure the much coveted top rank among the natural search results on Google or Yahoo. By natural, we mean those searches which are not tailor made to match certain keywords or to be found on certain domains, the so called non-advanced searches.

Types of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered the filter straining the offal from the gold on the numerous search engine crawlers available to the “surfers of the crests” of the internet. SEO services and technology can also be called the potions and elixirs of a revered alchemist, who can measure and modify a site to relate its content to the needs of a search engine crawler. Let me elaborate on how this alchemist transforms base metal into gold.

Ever since the conception of search engine crawlers, coders and website developers were in awe of this technology called SEO. Like the omnipotent god reigning over all of us, the SEO of any search engine determined the ranking a website or webpage obtained. People have used SEO services and technology in both ways, proper and improper, ethical and unethical, to propagate the message contained in their websites.

Namely there are two kinds of SEO services, the white hat and the black hat services. As the color linked names symbolize human virtues, so do these SEO services. White services are considered good because they provide relevant content to a web crawler’s search strings. Black hat services are malicious because it often yields up useless content which is irrelevant to one’s searches and end up wasting the net surfer’s time. If you want to take the unethical way out, owing to a lack of creativity and effort on your part, remember that search engines are programmed to detect websites that provide bad SEO services.

Latent Semantic indexing is one of the most subtle concepts which keep alive the life force of Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you are looking for replica t-shirts for your child’s birthday gift. Latent Semantic indexing on search engines will yield up results which not only pertain to these two key words but also other essential aspects like prices, brands, shop locations, fashion, reproduction.

If Latent Semantic Indexing had not been there, you would have been flooded by a host of websites which really don’t’ mean business. There are a lot of web developers, who in order to make some quick money at the behest of laziness, cram their pages with repetitive loops of information which reads like a string of keywords they don’t make any sense, rather serve as a pool of trojans, spam and viruses.

Source by Blake Evans