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After developing your website, to get it online will require that you first choose any of the following hosting options:

Internet Mall

This is a hosting option where you may not need to have your own domain. You get your access to internet from another user depending on the rules of the host. This may not be a popular option for professional webmasters that like to absolutely promote their own domains. However, many individuals and small businesses may still consider the option due to its lower cost.

Domain Hosting Service

This is the most popular hosting option for webmasters and the majority of businesses. Different packages are offered under different terms and conditions regarding the cost and the allocation of hardware resources for your website. Most hosting packages will allow you to choose your own domain name and provide enough email addresses related to the same. Domain hosting services for websites use either Unix / Linux hosting that supports all standard languages ​​or Windows NT / 2000 hosting for websites dynamically designed with Microsoft tools. Website pages and files are uploaded from your computer to Unix / Linux host servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client software or to Windows NT / 2000 host servers using Microsoft Front Page.


With this hosting option you have your own server and will take care of its features with full control. You are totally responsible for the security of the server programs but it is co-located at a facility that connects it to a very high speed internet and electrical power. The facility provides physical security and power backup options incase of outages. However, more or little might be offered at the facility depending on the arrangement. You will often need to send your own or contracted technicians to provide hardware and software maintenance so as to keep your website running smoothly. This hosting option could be one of the most expensive and may potentially divert you from your core business.

In-House Hosting

With in-house hosting option, you must get your own server and facility as well. You will also maintain the backup power for it and the internet connection. This option still makes the business not to concentrate fully on its core operations but the choice can as well be justified by other factors. Server technologies and high speed internet access packages have become more affordable with less maintenance requirements. In this case you will also be totally responsible for security which can be quite demanding if running an e-commerce website.

Source by Mark P Spencer