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1. Create a unique and attractive logo: A logo is a one of the most important tasks of graphic designing as the logo will be used to identify the company or brand. A logo, therefore, should be carefully designed with a definite meaning. The logo should be simple yet catchy so that a prospective customer retains the image in his/her memory.

2. Clear and well defined images: The images used in the website are critical to the appeal of the website as every reader determines the quality of the services on offer depending upon the quality of the images used. Poor quality images may act as a turn off, with readers questioning the legitimacy of the product or the information available on the website. Some handy tips for images is to use bitmaps with text, using grid alignments for elements and setting design units to pixels before illustrating. Images in a website should be placed at strategic places on the website so that it can be used to kindle reader interest and persuade the reader to browse through the website. The images should never be jarring or overpowering, instead interesting images should be used.

3. Aid in user navigation by using Icons: Icons are essential to making a site user friendly as they direct the reader to specific pages that the reader may be looking for. These icons, therefore, should be clear and easy to identify so that the reader feels comfortable navigating through the pages of a website.

4. Avatars: The use of Avatars will help make the site more personalized as the user now forges a connection with the website. There are many different types of avatars that are available and choosing the right one is based on the preferences of the user. However, poorly designed avatars could become unpleasant for the user.

5. Colour scheme: The colour scheme of the website should be pleasant without the site being too jarring for the eye. A dash of colour will attract users only if it is nice to look at, loud colours and inappropriate use of colours could fail the purpose. The information on the website should be bolstered using the right colour scheme and not marred.

If you are a freelance web designer or work for a graphic design company, you’ll realise that a website is more about creating a virtual space that allows the reader to visualize and be a part of the experience offered on the website. With numerous new websites being registered every day, it is important to stay one ahead of the pack by creating a wonderful website that is pleasing to the eye, captivating yet extremely simple to use. Bulky images that serve no purpose could delay page loading which would wear the user’s patience down.

The impressive reach of the internet has resulted in the creation of many websites with enthralling graphic designs, necessitating careful design of every new website. Entrusting the job to a graphic design company will serve the purpose or just hiring a logo designer who will deliver a mind blowing logo will set the ball rolling.

Source by Max Chohan