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Many highly specialized content writers and SEO consultants exist and provide advanced SEO and online marketing strategies for today’s growing businesses. However, at the same time, many other content writers and SEO consultants fail largely due in part because of not understanding today’s complex SEO dynamics. Today’s businesses are looking for scalable, flexible solutions for creating online promotional campaigns and strategic search engine optimization techniques that truly work, are long-lasting, and considered ethical by all the major search engines.

Additionally, content writers and SEO consultants that are successful use a wide variety of techniques and tools for helping client’s get to the top of the major search engines along with creating a high degree of visibility in various other web forums and channels. It’s not just about researching and finding valuable keywords, it’s about implementing next generation SEO strategies that work, and work well.

Take social media marketing (SMM) as a prime example, most content writers and SEO consultants are only using SMM in a marginal way, ignoring many of the true benefits that can be realized. SMM takes time, dedication, and a true ability to find the right channels for client promotion. It also requires an enormous amount of interaction with these highly selected channels, such as blogging, being involved in web casts, along with building a true following for whatever endeavors you are pursuing.

How about blogging? Again, most content writers and SEO consultants have largely ignored the value derived from effective blogging techniques. It’s much more than just putting together a few paragraphs with outbound links. Rather, the blog information must be timely, informative, and compelling enough for people to want to visit and read a particular blog.

If you are currently seeking out content writers and SEO consultants to help with your organization’s growing needs, ask them specifically what tools and techniques they use and how they use them. You may be surprised with the vague and generalized answers you receive. A firm that can enunciate their vision, products and services clearly is one you definitely want to highly consider. The more they truly now how to effectively use all the SEO tools available, the more successful your online endeavors will be. Use this helpful SEO bullet point checklist below when speaking with content writers and SEO consultants you may be considering for your company.

Q: Do you provide the following SEO and online marketing services? If so, please explain in detail how you use these products and services in building an SEO campaign for my company.

  • Web Copy & Keyword Research
  • Link Building Campaigns
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Directory Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • Blogging
  • Audio and Video
  • Print Advertising
  • Logo Design

Source by Megan Wright