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We are living in a technological age whereby the use of computers has become more frequent than ever before. Considering the fact that computer use is at an all-time high concerns about the negative effects of prolonged use of this technology on eye health is a problem that is quite prevalent not just in The United States but in other countries as well. For example, a chart survey conducted by Quartz reveals some shocking information about the length of time that Americans spend staring at their computer screens and other technological devices.

In this survey, statistics have revealed that Americans spend an average of about 444 minutes looking at screens; the equivalent of 7.7 hours a day. This accounts for 147 minutes spent watching television, 103 in front of the computer, 151 minutes on smartphones and 43 minutes on a tablet.

Staring at these digital devices for prolonged periods of time can take a toll on our eye health. Additionally, staring is an activity that predisposes our eyes to tension in the eye muscles and stress and tension in the visual system. The symptoms associated with these visual habits include blurry vision, eye strain, burning eyes, headache and the development of vision conditions such as myopia to name a few.

The solution to this problem involves the practice of eye relaxation techniques that relax the eye muscles and reduces stress and strain in the eyes. Here are 2 eye strain relieving exercises you can put into practice to help you accomplish this goal.

Regardless of how pressing or engaging the work in front of you may seem, set aside at least a few minutes in every 1 hour interval, or half hour interval, to look away from your close up work. Practice looking away from your close up work for a few seconds and as you are looking away, inhale and exhale as you blink your eyes at every half hour interval. Blinking helps to prevent dry eye by stimulating the eye’s natural tear production. Blinking also has a soothing effect on the visual system.

The second technique involves a technique called the near to far shifting technique. You can begin this exercise by taking a few deep breaths. Then, choose a comfortable seat. Then, hold your thumb up so that it is about 6 inches away from your nose. As you stare at your thumb inhale and as you shift your focus to an object about 20 feet away, exhale. Keep alternating your focus from your thumb to a distant object 20 feet away.

The breathing performed in this eye relaxation eye exercise technique has a soothing effect on the eye muscles that have been subjected to tension and strain as a result of excessive staring at computer screens. This technique also exercises the eye muscles and improves the focusing power of the eyes for better natural eyesight.

A solution to resolving the problems associated with excessive staring at computer screens and the prolonged use of digital devices is the regular practice of eye strain relieving eye exercise techniques. These techniques release stress and tension from the visual system, relieve eye strain and dry eye; vital factors necessary for building and maintaining healthier eyesight.

Source by Joel Travers King