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Today, in an era dominated by technology and internet, it is beneficial to have your own website. Statistics say that an astonishing 40% of the world’s population uses internet. Considering the fact that internet erases all boundaries and makes international trade possible, there are high potential benefits and earnings. By having your own website, you can reach out to a global audience, and thus increase your customer base. And with the advent of smart phones, people have started making purchases from everywhere. All in all, technology has made it possible to generate a voluminous business and touch greater frontiers.

Building a website requires a high degree of technical knowledge, and you need to be adept at programming languages. However, it is not possible for every website owner to be a master of computers, and that is where free website builders come into play. Free web builders provide you with the resources, and tools to build an attractive happening website that can potentially double your business. There are basic templates, design control toolbars, e-commerce widgets, multimedia tools, and Google maps among many other features to choose from. You can build a comprehensive website by using these resources.

Free web builders offer unimaginable benefits. Let’s take a look at few of them –

• User friendly interface: A lot of people cannot grasp computer programming languages. For them, a free website builder is the perfect option. Due to the easy to use interface, they can set up their website in a matter of few minutes. Though designing a website is an iterative process, and can take up to several months to make minor changes, setting up the basic interface is pretty easy and hardly takes time.

• Attractive templates: Attractiveness is the key to a website. Marketing reports indicate that the longer an internet user stays glued to your website, the more likely are his/her chances of making a purchase. An attractive design can serve this purpose by engaging the audience for a long time. There’s a plethora of attractive templates offered by free website builders, so as to suit the nature of your business.

• 24/7 technical assistance: Technical support is really important for amateur website builders. Since there are a lot of doubts regarding the usage of different tools and widgets, people try to get in touch with tech support. Free website creators offer constant tech support to make sure all your doubts are resolved quickly. In case of payment disputes, issues pertaining to resolution and display, change of domain name, usage of widgets, adding customized pieces of HTML codes, enabling monetization etc., technical help can assist you.

If you are a first time website creator, make sure that you try the free web builders out there. Some paid website builders offer a one month trial, and you could try them as well. But with the latter ones, you will need to start paying money once the trial period is over.

Here’s that I’ve used over the years and would recommend it to all first timers.

Source by Kanhaiya M