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Graphic design has now become mandatory for the web sites.

Why is it so? Can the website be without the graphics?

Some of the reasons for this are as follows.

Any website can not speak and pitch like the salesman at the shop. This means that the website is dumb. On the other hand in absence of this capability, the responsibility of converting the visitor into buyer is on the shoulders of the visual content. It is obvious that in these copies of circumstance the visual content is going to be more effective than the text content at generating revenue.

It is basic human tendency to buy things only after seeing it and finding the need of it. The purpose of the website is to generate revenue through sale of products or services. In absence of visual content the visitor will either feel feel attracted or persuaded to buy the product or service. This makes the services of a graphic designer indispensable.

Graphic design has a key role in designing the logo of the company. It is the presence of logo on every web page that makes the visitor feel that he / she is on the same website. The logo needs to be such that when the visitor looks it eve for first time, he / she should come to know something about the business and the market to which it caters. The log needs to be attractive too.

The color scheme used in the graphic design plays a major role in influencing the buying decision of the visitor. Leave along human beings even the animals are influenced by the colors especially of the surroundings. Usually a contrast color scheme is used. Most of the websites have the text in dark and the back ground in light color shade with the logo in the background. If the back ground is dark and the text in light there is hardly any chance of the logo being visible and there are chances that this reverse contrast may irritate the visitor to jump on to another website.

Use of appealing and pleasant graphics make the visitor stay glued on to the website. If the graphics is dull or completely absent the visitor may not find it comfortable. The inclusion of graphics at times is useful for creating trust in the mind of the visitor. There are businesses which include the photo of the complex or the commercial estate where they are housed. This is just one example of the advantages of graphics.

The other best example of relevance of graphics is seen in the websites offering tourism services and games for the children.

It is always better to avail the services of a professional graphic designer to make the website as appealing as possible.

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Source by Alan L Smith