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When you think about it, even for a second, you don’t have to stretch your mind too far to think of the dozens of ways that the world of business has dramatically changed, especially over the past decade. One thing that’s remained consistent, however, is the concept of business branding. Now, it really doesn’t even matter what kind of business you have. Whether you run a giant corporation or a little “hometown” corner store; in the end, successful branding can be a significant determining factor in the success-or failure-of your business.

But what the savvy, successful business owner knows that the struggling competition does not is that “branding” means more-much more-that just getting your name and your product out there in from of the public. Successful branding is actually more about building relationships.

From a consumer’s perspective, successful branding can have more to do with the personal, emotional connection established than it does with the product or service itself which your business offers.

“Emotional” relationships can be built through successful business branding with more than just customers:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Vendors
  • Advertisers
  • Community Organizations
  • Other Neighborhood Businesses

Even unhappy customers are an opportunity to build a successful brand for your business if you use the opportunity to impress them with the way you resolve the situation. If an unhappy customer winds up leaving your establishment satisfied, they’ll actually be impressed with a positive emotional experience, which will lead to positive branding.

And happy customers…well, their influence is worth its weight in gold!

You see, your customers choose your business over the competition for many reasons beyond just the obvious. Of course you go out of your way to provide:

  • A great product
  • A great service
  • The fulfillment of a “need” in the community
  • A welcoming atmosphere
  • A memorable and positive customer experience

All of these things are important factors in running a successful business of any type, but, beyond these “basics,” what keeps your customers returning again and again and recommending you to their friends are things like:

  • Consistency: this builds brand confidence
  • Problem solving: every transaction won’t go perfectly, but when something goes wrong, if the situation is handled professionally and with compassion and understanding, instead of losing a customer you will have gained a truly loyal one.
  • Appreciation: everyone likes to be appreciated. As much as possible, do you greet your customers by name? Do you engage in friendly conversation? Do you show a genuine interest in what they have to say? Equally as important, do your employees follow this example with every customer every time?

When your customers feel they are getting a good value for their money, you have built your brand successfully-to a point. When your customers feel welcome and appreciated, you have captured that priceless “emotional” branding that will have them telling all their friends and returning again and again.

Source by Silvia Pencak