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Websites gained their popularity over a decade ago. A few years ago, businesses rushed in to developing websites to keep in pace with their tech-savvy competitors. The sudden demand for websites resolved in shortage of web developers. It was then, the concept of website templates came into existence. The availability of website templates in various themes was one of the major reasons for the mushrooming of websites during the dotcom bubble.

Today, it is hard to find a business that does not have a website of its own. Without a strong web presence, it is impossible for businesses to survive in the heavy competition in every field. The development of shopping carts and payment gateways have made websites highly interactive and responsive. Apart from functioning as a brand building tool, a website can literally be a virtual extension of the business. Visitors can browse the gallery and shop the items, as if they were shopping atalls.

Website templates are nothing but dummy websites that can be immediately hosted. They eliminate the need for developing websites from the scratch. Website template developers developers often create enticing designs with impressive graphics that are relevant to a variety of businesses. With a website template at hand, one can easily upload the textual content and make it live. If one wishes to add functionality to the website, then one has to opt for customization services, which will be charged according to the complexity of the work involved in it.

Usually the template vendor would display all of his templates in the gallery. Customers can choose a niche and pick a template that is relevant to their domain. For any change in images or inclusion of functionality, they will have to opt for customization. Website templates really helped businesses to get a quick online presence. Today, the scenario has changed with almost all businesses having websites of their own, now the trend is to migrate to a better performing platform.

CMS platforms have become the choice of businesses and today many businesses have started to migrate to CMS websites. Although web template developers have in store quite a number of themes for different CMS platforms, businesses are in no hurry to pick one. They have understood the need of uniqueness and originality for their websites. With the experience gained over these years, business owners now prefer to carefully choose their benevolent business tool. While Joomla and Magento have become the most sort after CMSs for eCommerce, Drupal's flexibility, and scalability have started to attract large businesses.

At the enterprise level, the performance of Drupal remains unbeatable. Since enterprise app users often focus on performance than budget, Drupal designers and Drupal theme developers have the freedom to exhibit their creativity in designing them. Serious business people now prefer to have a unique and a great performing website and this has significantly slowed down the website template business. Today, template developers have changed their strategy from selling individual templates to offering memberships. However, expert developers often develop websites from the scratch because clutter free coding has become a necessity for optimizing the website for search engines.

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