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If you are a marketer, one of your major responsibilities is to understand the human psychology behind the choices they make. Have you ever evaluated the factors that drive your own choices? For example, what made you purchase that shampoo while there were many others on the same rack? Why did you buy the car that offers more safety features? Answers to such questions will give you insight into why and how your target customers make their choices.

Remember, no matter how effective your content marketing campaign is, if it doesn’t resonate with the psychology of the choices of prospects then your campaign will have no appeal to them resulting in less sales.

When you know some fundamentals of human psychology, you will able to connect more effectively with your target audience and take more informed decision in your online marketing campaign.

And thus, in this post we’ve brought to you some proven theories of human psychology that can be applied to your SEO or SMM campaign for better results. Are you ready to evolve as a more influential marketer? Continue reading then.

Maximum value for money

A large number of your customers make their choices of products/services based on its utility. The customers seek best value for their money and thus are likely to choose product that can provide them with maximum utility or best reward.

The Social Buzz

Many blogging sites display their existing subscribers’ number close to subscription opt-in box on their site with no reason but to influence them that many other readers are subscribing to your newsletter and hence they should. Probably it is the same theory why websites and books add testimonials. Social buzz can largely influence our choices or decisions without making us aware of it.

The Presentation of Choice

The psychology specialists call it ‘the framing effect’. The way you represent your products, statements and other information to your prospects stir their decisions. You will find top marketers using more of absolute numbers as they believe they have more impact on users’ mind. Probably we hear marketers saying that 9 out 10 customers recommended our product instead of saying 90% of our customers recommended the product. So, if you want maximum clicks and shares? Frame your content right.

The Reciprocal theory

This theory can truly work when effectively executed. Focus on the social media pages or profiles with thousands of likes and followers, you’ll find how the reciprocal theory plays a considerable role in their success. The theory says that humans can be cleverly and delicately guide to make better choices in the real world. If you start following 100 new personas on Twitter, there are high chances that some of them will follow you back and that’s what the reciprocal, also known as Nudge, theory claims.

Now you know how basing your online marketing strategy on these psychology secrets can help you draw in more customer response and engagement value. This is why most businesses out there are keen on building a strong online presence by hiring a digital marketing agency.

Source by Chaitsi Patel