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First of all let me start with the how to. To venture any where online looking for job you must be sure you to have all the basic requirements on ground before you start. These things might be simple things like email or phone number or even PayPal account. It is very important you do this if you ever want to get a job, get paid and receive your money where ever you are in the world.

I have written here some easy steps that can help you get started even if you are a newbie. If you are new to freelancing online then take care to read what I have explained below. These things you must have in place before you begin your search.

E-mail address for sending and receiving mails

You need to have an email address, having two may be better. At least have one on Gmail (Google Gmail) and have the other on Yahoo (Yahoo Mail). They are all free to set up or sign up with. But if you have any problem with doing this because some how your internet skill is very low then I will advice you to go to any cafe around you and ask the operator there to help you. Though, most will ask you for a small fee for doing that.

Open a PAYPAL account

PayPal is a payment solution, it is an account you can have online for receiving and paying money to people online and it is the most acceptable and fastest way of collecting money for work done online. Also it is free to sign up with them. It is important you note also that some of these networks can also pay through check (check). An alternative to PayPal is AlertPay. PayPal is the most acceptable solution but they still have some issues and one of such is that they don’t accept people in some countries to use their services. Nigeria is one of such countries.

The way to find out if your country is not one of the blacklisted countries is to go to their site at and check the list of blacklisted countries. Now if you have done that and it so happened that your country falls in the blacklisted country. Then do this: contact me via my e-mail I can help you. Feel free to contact me if you live in one of such countries and you need PayPal really badly. My email is: (replace at with @ when mailing me).

Have a phone line

Though this is optional for a starter, nevertheless it is a very vital asset if you want to work as a professional online freelancer. It makes it a lot easier for your clients to contact you when they need a new job done quickly.

The skill and zeal to work

By skill I mean both communication skill and experience in the kind of work or works you are comfortable doing. You need to be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing.

If you have all these and a lots more or lets say you have No. 1 and No.4 you are okay to get started. Now that you want to get started making money online as a freelancer the next thing to do is to sign-up to the list of freelance job/service provider websites below. Try as much as possible to read all their policies, their rules and regulations-their dos and don’ts. Once you understand them well then go ahead to sign up with them. Some of them will require you to undergo a short test before you are allowed to start bidding for jobs on their network. Once you are acquainted with all that then go ahead and start bidding.

Below is a list of the best freelance job sites online. These are places where you can do jobs online and get paid. The list is short but if you want more then go to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and type in the keyword: freelance jobs, then click search. You will get so many of them. While some of the freelance job providers will ask you to pay a small fee to upgrade your account to be able to have full access to all their jobs most won’t ask you to pay before signing up.




Source by Daniel Danlord