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The style of a web page matters a lot in the marketing of the website. There are many ways to change the styles of fonts, colors and images of a web page. The proper ways are cascading style sheets, asp.net and many others. But how can we change the visual style of a web page using the tools available in asp.net? There is Web Matrix tool in asp.net that can be used to change it. These steps are helpful in understanding the concept behind the changing styles of a web page.

First of all, you should use the type of file. There are multiple types of files available, which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML and many others. You should use CSS file type. After selecting the type of file, the next step is to add the code inside the file. You should add “div” code in your style sheet. For example, if your file has a list of movies, then add “div” before the list and “/div” after the list.There is an id required for the “div” function, such as “movies”. There should also be “div” tag for header of the list. The properties that the coder can change include the color of the header, size of font, family of font and decoration of the text using style tag. Similarly, there must a “div” tag for footer of the list. When a person click the run button, an HTML document appears, with the header, list of movies and the footer with specified properties. All the texts in the list are anchor text and seem to be underline. If you click on any of the list item, a new page will open with specific web link.

If you want to use cascading style sheets, then it will be quite easy to use it. You only need “<style text/css>” tag and “</style>” tag to change the style of the document. Whatever you write in between opening and closing tags, that style will appear in the page. For example, if you are changing the color of paragraph in the style tag, for instant, green, then wherever you write the paragraph in the HTML body, the color of the paragraph will be green. You can also do the same thing by specifying a class within the style tag. But, for beginners, the simplest way of doing it is to create a simple style tag, and use it wherever they want.

Source by Waqas Awan Ahmed