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There are many ways to create a website. You can create a website using HTML but for that you should be proficient in using coding language. There are many other tools that can help you make a website without knowing HTML such as dreamweaver. These tools can assist you with HTML and CSS while you make your own site. However, the features of this great tool are sometimes limiting and you might need to manually edit the HTML and CSS codes. This makes it essential to have basic understanding of HTML and CSS while using dreamweaver. There is one more way to create a website faster and easily, the online website builder tool. These online tools do not require you to know coding at all.

What is Online Website Builder?

An online website builder can be defined as a tool which lets you create a website without manual code editing. These online website builders are often provided by the web hosting companies with the intention of providing value added service to their customers who can build a site in minutes by using the drag-and-drop features of these builders.

How to Create a Website Quickly with Online Web Builders?

When you opt for an online website builder, you need to follow only three steps to create your site:

Registering a domain name;

Getting web hosting service; and

Designing Website

Steps to Create a Website

Here is a detailed account of all the three steps for building a site.

Domain Registration- Domain registration is the first step towards making your site. This is like giving name to your website. When you register a domain through a valid domain registrar, you get the rights of making a site as per your wish using this URL address. URL is the name of any website with an extension such as.com,.in etc.

Web Hosting– When you get web hosting service from a web host, it is like giving a home to your website. Now your web pages can be stored on a server, from where they can be served to the viewers who type in your domain name onto the address bar of their browser.

Designing Website– Creating a website by using the drag-and-drop feature is the most enjoyable part. It is like giving a personality to your website. You don’t need to know HTML, CSS or any other technical thing to make the site. You just have to select one from the many pre designed templates; fill in the text and other content such as images, videos, maps etc. and click publish to make your site available on the Internet.

Many web hosting service providers allow you to have trials for making your site without paying any cost. This makes you even more comfortable with the features of your chosen website builder. Many templates allow you to create even your business site with advanced e-commerce features. This online website builder is one of the easiest tools to create a website having advanced e-commerce features too.

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