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In order to have a completely unique surfboard you may want to design your own graphics and have them printed directly onto a board. This article provides some top tips to help you to design graphics for your surfboard, and it also has information on how you can find professional screen printers in your area.


When you are designing your surfboard the first thing you need to do is measure the exact dimensions of your surfboard. Never guess these measurements, always use a tape measure to calculate the exact length and width of the board. You can then make a scaled down plan of the board on paper, and use this plan to play around with different designs.

If you have some experience in working with graphic design software then you can enter these details into your software to create a plan of your board on your computer.


There are several parts to your design that you need to think about, these are colour, images or symbols and text. You probably have a vague idea of what you want the design to look like. Or perhaps you have several ideas but you are not sure how you want to fit it all together or what will look best. This is where the fun starts! Try experimenting with different colours, designs and text. Allow yourself to be creative without focusing too much on the outcome at this point. Eventually you will arrange the design elements in such a way that you are happy with the final design.


If you are feeling stuck for ideas for your design you can try searching online for images of surfboard graphics. You could also pop into your local surf store, or look in surf magazines for some more visual inspiration.

Graphic Designers

If you are having difficulty in creating your design as you imagine it then you may need to hire a graphic designer. A graphic designer will be able to take your ideas and convert them into a professional looking surfboard design that is ready for printing. A great graphic designer will communicate with you throughout the graphic design process in order to create a design that you are happy with.

Where to Find a Surfboard Screen Printer

In order to get your designs professionally printed onto a surfboard you will need to find a company who specialise in screen printing. They will have the skills and equipment to print your design onto the surfboard so that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The best place to search for a screen printer is online. Simply open up your favourite search engine and type in ‘surfboard screen printers’ along with the town or city that you live in. If you live in a remote area then you may have to try searching further afield as this is quite a specialized service. Always choose a reputable company to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality print.

Source by Roscoe Beard