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Basic HTML is the fundamental and core knowledge one needs to gain to be able to create Web pages or personal website confidently. The doctype HTML public is the first tag even before the basic HTML tag in any web document. The doctype HTML public tag basically conveys to your browser about the type and specifications your web document/file contains. This information helps browser to present and display result of your web document on computer screen the way you created. You may be aware that presently there’re three main popular browsers are available. Those are Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla FireFox.

In the Basic HTML knowledge, HTML refers to ‘Hypertext Markup Language’, is basically a language that browsers understand, and which is world wide standardized and pre-programmed. Browsers display your information available in the form of a web document on computer screens to the rest of world. There is an authority organization called World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which controls, standardized and even decides all aspects of HTML, and is an open source to learn from basic HTML to advanced HTML in depth. Its web address is w3schools.com which you can easily access if you wish for mastering this web language.

On the whole, the simple and basic logic is that you gain basic HTML knowledge; create your Web pages, putting your information in it, save it as the web documents in your laptop or computer, then upload it to a web server you are access to. This means your prepared web document is being stored in web server and all the time available for access to the rest of world. Whenever one finds an active link of your that web document and clicks it from any corner of the world through the computer connected to the internet, or better still, type the address of your web document in a computer’s browser and press ‘Enter’, immediately web browser sends a request to the concerned web server where your web document is stored and within the fraction of second, that web server returns and supplies the requested data of your web document to the computer browser which, finally displays your web document as a result on the computer screen of information seeker.

So the basic html knowledge is a mandatory part to create your WebPages for your own personal website, because without this, it is not possible to convey your information online to the rest of world. The Knowledge of Basic html will not only help you to create your personal website but also help you to establish your online business in a shortest period of time.

Therefore, you should gain quickly the Basic HTML Knowledge to create personal Website free: It is easy and takes no more than a month to get familiar with. This will help you to create your customized Web pages to add to your website. For this, an easy and cheaply available resource is Microsoft FrontPage software which you may easily get downloaded in your PC or Laptop if it is not already installed in your home Computer. With this, you will learn, among other important features, to create Web pages of your choice and design, to operate your own FTP account for publishing your web pages and even your website if you wish.

Now when you think for autopilot earnings online, your personal website certainly plays an important role to conduct your business online. Without a personal website, autopilot earnings online are not only difficult but also have its limitations by the way.

In a nutshell, you wish online business set up fast for you, and at the same time, you may be desperate and running short of time. So, for you to gain basic HTML knowledge quickly, I again suggest you to go for “Microsoft FrontPage software” that may have already installed in your PC. Quickly explore and learn from this powerful resource available free of cost right in front of your computer. This is so because, in this, you will get WYSIWYG-HTML Editor free. Here WYSIWYG means is “What You See Is What You Get”. The Most interesting thing is that you have to simply type the information you like in the window pane, this HTML editor will automatically work with you in parallel and converts your literally word document in to the HTML document. You can even preview your web document before naming and saving it into your computers disk. Preview feature is really amazing it gives you the power to see as to how your web document would look like If it actually goes live and online. You can further edit as many times as you wish to bring a perfect Web page of your choice.

Source by Sanjay M Singh