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The hardest part in creating the design of your material for color postcard printing is facing the blank screen of your PC or a blank sheet of paper. This is especially true if you are a novice and haven’t taken any formal lessons in graphic design.

Understanding the Elements

You may not be a guru, but if you have the passion, you definitely can do it. By understanding the elements of graphic design, it may inspire you to start clicking through your PC or move your hands to begin with your creation.

But first, this should not be mistaken for the principles of design that is composed of balance and white space. Here are the elements of graphic design that you can apply for you color postcard printing project.

1. Shapes

It is said that design started with shapes. This can be rooted to ancient pictographs. Shapes are being used to start the layout, do the patterns and many more. There are many graphics computer software that can create and tweak the shapes easily. This way, even non-pro designers will be able to do this task.

2. Color

You must learn how to mix and match colors. Remember to suit each color that you will use to the theme of your project. If done the proper way, colors can have a dramatic impact to your material. Use color to highlight on the important images or texts on your design. It will dictate the emotion that you want to get from the reader of your postcard.

3. Type

The choice of typefaces or fonts in a design will affect the overall mood of the material. In most cases, what’s being said can be easily understood with how it was written. This can be the foundation of the creation of shapes and other images. The choice of fonts will also affect other design factors like the color, the spacing, size and alignment.

4. Texture

This defines the overall appeal of your material. But this element will be further enhanced once you bring your material to the printing company who will do it. The type of paper that will be used for your postcards will greatly affect its texture. While you are on the design process, you can experiment with the other elements to execute the kind of appeal that you want people to feel upon seeing your tool.

5. Lines

There are three uses of lines in a design.

– Lines will divide the space.

– It will direct the eye.

– It will generate forms.

6. Photography, Art and Illustration

There are many ways for you to get this. You can create your own if you have the talent. You can also buy or hire a photographer or an artist. The photos, illustrations and art works are all important to the design. You must choose the one that suits best to the theme of what you are doing.

Now that you know what to prioritize in creating the design for your color postcard printing, get those hands to start the work. After this process, send that out to the right printing company. It will surely feel good to see the final output especially when you are involved with the project from the start.

Source by Rachelle Ann Lim