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How to make a web page is something that you need to master if you are serious about getting a website online and perhaps go onto giving yourself the chance to use it to generate extra income. Lets look at what you need, how to use it and how to get it for free!

I am assuming that you know next to nothing about putting up a website but really would like to be a part of what many, including myself, regard as the most exciting and dynamic business in the world today. You can operate from your spare room and sell to the world!

First, lets look at the software you will need.

An ‘HTML Editor’ – which is a techie type title for something that can be more accurately described as a Website Creation Program.

This is the software that will build your site page by page – knowing how to make a web page means that you can put together an entire website. You can include copy, photographs, graphics, video, audio, links, opt-in boxes etc. If this all sounds a little scary I’m coming to the complete solution.

Next is FTP or File Transfer Protocol software. Another intimidating title for a fairly simple piece of software that will transfer the site you have created on your computer up to your hosting company. Hosting company? – that’s just the organization that will put your new website onto the world wide web.

The third and final piece of the jigsaw and easily the most important.

Unless, unlike me, you are a super techie, armed only with the two pieces of software detailed above you would be an internet super hero if that’s all you needed to create and submit your website to the web. You see when it comes to this sort of stuff I need a step by step, click by click guide that is completely non technical and assumes that I know nothing.

Furthermore, I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be shown by video rather than a huge, off-putting manual. Its so much easier to look over an experts shoulder as he goes through the entire process in minute, easy to follow steps.

Two pieces of good quality software backed up with a 26 part course, that amounts to around 5 hours of video given by one of the best internet tutors around. The cost? – free.

Source by Lawrence Stainbank