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Unless you have time on your hands and an artistic flair there is likely to be a time when you will wish to consider how to outsource your graphic design work to a professional.

Graphic Design can cover a multitude of things, from logo and banner design to promotional items such as brochures, calendars, and other promotional material that you give away to your customers.

One of the benefits that come with hiring a freelancer to do your graphic design is that they use cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum results. Before you rush out and hire a graphic designer, it is important that you understand “how to outsource” successfully.

There are two very important stages that you have to consider if you want the project to be a success.

1. Project Planning

2. Project Management

Project Planning

A successful project always begins with a comprehensive project planning exercise. This is where you identify exactly what you want the graphic designer to achieve.

Imagine for example that you are going to attend a trade fair and you want to hand out promotional brochures. What size should they be? How many pages? What colour scheme? What written content? What photos etc. You then need to consider when you want to take delivery of the items; in the case of your trade fair you want to be certain they will be ready in plenty of time, these are the areas where you need help learning how to outsource graphic design properly.

Another important part of project planning is risk management. What happens if something goes wrong? A risk management plan should always be built into your timeline. You should also know how you will track the progress of your project. Do you want your chosen Graphic Designer to bring you proofs, and if so when?

If you have considered all of these aspects, you should now have a clearly defined road map and more of an understanding about how to outsource the project successfully. We will now move onto the next stage, project management.

Project Management

Project management is vital when you are thinking about how to outsource a role. Project management is the art of managing your resources. To be a successful project manager you need to be a really good communicator. Patience is a virtue and by taking the time to explain your requirements clearly you will have a good working relationship with your outsource provider(s).

One of the key factors you will find out when learning how to outsource is, when you are hiring a freelancer, remember that they are not telepathic; they cannot read your mind. Be prepared for the fact that your provider may interpret your instructions in a different manner to what you expected, in these circumstances, offer constructive criticism. Take the time to make sure our provider understands exactly what you want and why.

Providing you have mastered the golden rules of project planning, project management and good communication, you are well on the way to successful outsourcing of your Graphic Arts and Design projects!

Source by Steven Brough