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Most construction renovators try to avoid drywall dust at all costs, but some projects make it near impossible to completely cut out dust exposure. When hanging blinds, installing a television mounting bracket, a new shelf, installing a security system or any other project that requires drilling holes in the wall, drywall dust can be a major headache as far as clean-up. There are several traditional ways, and a non-traditional way to avoid this mess after drilling holes in a wall.

Drop cloths and tarps are a popular and versatile way to lessen the mess while drilling holes. They are inexpensive and come in different grades of plastic and cloth material. In addition to using them for drilling, they work great for painting trim or doing touch-up work. They protect furniture, walls, floors, cabinets, windows, carpets, counters and much more. The use of drop cloths while drilling holes saves time from clean-up. After drilling, you can simply gather up the cloth and take it outside and shake it, or vacuum the contents up at the project site. This traditional way is great for allowing the shavings to gather on the floor beneath your project, but it can become a dusty mess on the ground if you are not careful to gather the shavings up properly.

A more non-traditional way is the new DustBubble product that is a point-of-origin dust collection system. It is a very clean, eco-friendly alternative for those contractors looking for something to trap the dust at the point of where the drilling is taking place. From the moment you insert the drill into the wall to the time you remove it from the wall, the product collects virtually all the dust shavings. It is designed for use in substances such as sheetrock, metal, tiles, wood, plaster, or un-treated surfaces. The product is simple to use, disposable, and ultimately a clever way to keep things clean while you’re drilling holes. The product is transparent so you can easily spot where you need to place your drill. There is an adhesion on the back that sticks to the wall, simply drill in the center of the DustBubble and it will catch all of your shavings. Simply remove the product with the contents it collected from the wall and discard it.

There are three different strengths for different substances with the DustBubble’s. The regular strength works well with wallpaper and painted walls. The adhesion on the back of the regular strength DustBubble is strong to hold but won’t pull the wallpaper or paint off the wall after use. The extra strength version is great for wood, plaster, and un-treated surfaces. The adhesion on the back is stronger for sticking well to uneven surfaces such as wood material. The super strength version works well with metal industrial applications and metal riveting to save the shards that are created from the drilling.

While the drop cloths work well in certain situations, the DustBubble helps save you a tremendous amount of clean-up time by collecting the dust at the point-of-origin. The drop cloths are great for large projects, but if you have just a few holes needing drilled, then the DustBubble’s are a very inexpensive and disposable way to contain your dusty messes while drilling.

Source by David A Thompson