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There are many different methods to make money online, but one that you should really consider is Amazon. Amazon is a huge marketplace and the most visited online stores where millions of people go to shop for their items. Millions of buyers trust Amazon, which helps you make more money online. Today I am going to show you how you can start making money online with Amazon, so let’s get started!

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a really good & easy way to make money online. Imagine owning one of the largest companies and you want to promote your products, how would you do it? You would want to have your products in as many stores as possible to increase your products exposure. This is the method that Amazon follows, where they allow you to promote their products on your site or any other site where you are able to promote a product. Once a visitor purchases an item using your Amazon affiliate link, you are paid a commission which varies depending on the item price and how many items you have sold in that month.

You have to keep in mind that there is going to be a lot of other Amazon affiliates promoting the same items on their site. Make sure to do some research before promoting an item on your site. By narrowing the product search to a specific item, you will find less competition than if you posted a broad item. To increase your success as an affiliate, you need promote items that relate to your site. Promoting random items from different niches on the same site will decrease your sales. Customers know what they want and will not go through product pages with random items when they can go to Amazon and filter all their products and narrow the search faster. You have to make them feel that their shopping experience will be faster and better than going through the Amazon item search.

To take your commissions to the next level, you should create blogs where you can do item reviews which potential buyers will appreciate. If you have multiple blogs you will be able to write on many different topics and increase your visitors and sales. Keep in mind that the more items you sell, the higher your Amazon commission percentage.

There are many different ways to make money with Amazon. As long as you do your product research to find the best products with minimum competition, you will increase your chances to make a lot of sales and receive high commissions.

Source by Noel Cruz