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It is amazing what a difference it makes to add the HTML Date Code to your website – so that the current date is always showing. As they say “It’s the little things – there’s nothing bigger…”. People like to feel that they are looking at fresh, up-to-date content. So, I’m going to show you how quickly and easily you can achieve this, simply by adding the date in HTML code…

The first thing you need to do is go to your Web Editor, eg Kompozer, and open up your Web Page.

Then simply follow these steps:

o In the spot you would like the Current Date to show, type a row of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

o Click on the Source Code tab at the bottom of the page, find the row of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and replace them with the following code:

o Save the change and upload the amended Web Page to the Web.

Magic! The Current Date will now be showing on your Web Page.

Knowing how to add the HTML Date Code is a very simple little skill to acquire. Taking a few extra minutes to add the date in HTML code will reap rewards for many days to come! And like most things to do with Internet Marketing it is not difficult to learn and easy to put into action when you know how!

Source by Elaine Drennan