Building a great website is only half the battle.

  • You can hire a website designer to build it from scratch.
  • Start with a template, and go from there
  • Do it yourself, by using a HTML editor, or learn an entire design language (HTML, CSS) and then do it all yourself.

But what about if you already have a website built, and are discovering that it can be pretty frustrating to manage it? What are your options?

If you are looking for ways to make simple text changes to your site, like adding pictures, social media widgets, uploading a videos, and a host of updates that will make your web page perform better, you need to read on as we review the best ways to make an HTML web page editor work for you.

First. What is a HTML web page editor?

Basically an HTML web page editor is a software application that allows you to build websites. But there are different types to consider, that not only give you the ability to build a website, but also allow you to easily manage it, through the use of an online HTML web page editor.

2 Types of HTML Web Page Editors

HTML Editors – Are powerful applications that allow you to use a text editor, and with some in depth knowledge of code (ie CSS, HTML, JavaScript), build and manage your website. Although they allow you tons of flexibility and customization opportunities, they require you to learn programming, and design languages. Some popular examples are Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

WYSIWYG Editors – WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. These applications are much more intuitive. These editors allow you to make the needed changes to your webpage, by simply making changes directly to your site. No code necessary. So if you see some text on your website that needs to be changed, you just click on it, change it, and then click publish.

A great evolution of the WYSIWYG Editor is an Online WYSIWYG Editor. No need to download any software. This allows a website owner to simply jump online when making a change to his website.

Tech Support, Support, Support

At the end of the day, many people who are trying to use an HTML web page editor to improve their website, simply want to have access to a reliable web designer, or internet expert who can help them. The perfect hybrid solution to this growing problem, is to find an online web editor, but be sure to use their tech support as well.

Ambid Update gives you an online web page editor, allows you to play with it for free, while giving you the access to trained staff to answer your web page editing needs.

Source by Kyle Graham