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It is fairly easy to find an attractive website hosting package these days. Many of these web hosting companies offer a lengthy list of features of what subscribers would get if they apply for the cheapest plan. Applying for the more expensive plans usually give speed, security, and stability benefits which is not fully needed if you are just going to manage a personal site. However, website hosting companies are not without their fair share of disappointed customers. Some people say that the claimed features do not live up to their expectations while others find out that some significant extras are missing. It is normal to get confused with the list of features of every package but if you look for these specific extras and go with that package, you should have no regrets.

Website Builder

There are a lot of individuals that do not know how to design their own website but they go of the website hosting package anyway just to reserve the free domain that it normally comes with and prepare the site configuration and any scripts that the package includes. Website hosting packages that lack a website builder mean that new webmasters have very limited options in getting started. The package may offer website templates which can look nice but webmasters will want to customize these layouts or add extra content to make the template more unique looking. A website builder provides additional flexibility without frustrating the webmaster in learning how to code. These builders offer wizard-style interfaces so users can customize every aspect of the site or template and add content along the way. Once the website is built, it is immediately live thanks to the website hosting services so no further changes are necessary unless new content needs to be added.

SSL Accelerators

There are also packages that like to hype up the specs of their website hosting servers giving the message to customers that they are a fast and reliable service. If you find that their price is too good to be true, check if the website package has an SSL accelerator. SSL accelerators are basically hardware cards that are to be inserted in the server’s PCI slot. Once properly inserted, the overall performance of the hosted website is increased. It does this by reducing the amount of data clogging within the server. This pairs well with the website builder since the built websites usually have code optimizations.


Webmasters that have a bit more experience in tinkering with servers will like the traceroute feature. This is normally used if the hosted site performs sluggishly. It serves as a diagnostic tool that finds out how many gateways are found between the user’s location and the hosted site. Depending on the results, the reason behind the slow page times could be on those gateways rather than the server itself.

Source by Marcus Fei