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The What

Web programming is all about setting up your own website. It is all about being able to get started setting up your own site so that you can begin the process of building some of those passive income streams that we have been talking about as well. So, knowing how to program this aspect of your journey towards passive income. It will be good to start learning some of the basics that are involved with the elements of starting to develop your other incomes in case you lose your current income at your job.

The Language

We are going to be using HTML/HTML 5 for our sites. It is basic at the moment but later on we will definitely be covering the other languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, and ASP that some of the other sites are going to have as well. This can be something that will be built up over time and gradually help you to be able to build up your other skill sets so that you don’t have to worry about trying to get too far into the information that you get lost. Plus knowing HTML and HTML5 will help us when we begin to work with some of the other things that we are going to be doing as well when it comes to our programming knowledge later on.

The Elements

These are the basic elements that we are going to use for our basic sales page (when we get around to that task beginning in the next post):

< html> and < /html> to open and close the document

< head> and < /head> for header related things

< title> and < /title> for the title of the site

< body> and < /body> for the stuff that people will read

These are the basic elements, and we will be adding some new elements along the process of the journey towards developing our own incomes online that will be more likely to run in the background while we go live our lives. From there, we can involved some styling elements that will be included in our pages so that they look a little prettier and can make it a little more attractive for the visitors that are going to be showing up on our sites.

But for now, just begin to focus on just these particular elements themselves. That way, you can begin increasing the things that you will learn and be able to not be overly focused with trying to absorb too much.

Source by Michael David Carroll