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Wondering if you too can make $24,600+ within 2-4 weeks from the 6 Dollar PayPal Method? It does sounds pretty easy and, if it works, could be the answer to all of our troubles. Yet, while considering it, you first want to know if it is legal or if it is a scam?

Here are just some of the reasons you might want to consider first:

1. Oprah, Wall Street Journal, or ABC’s 20/20 – To gain your trust and confidence, most of these schemes claim to be featured on these programs or publications. Search the Internet and you will NOT find the evidence to support their claims. With something this questionable, a researcher should be able to come across at least a date or season/episode if it was valid.

2. PayPal – Some postings will go as far as to quote PayPal supposedly supporting such schemes as legitimate:

“Dear Member, it has come to our attention that there is a PayPal scheme floating around at the moment you may have heard or seen the $6 scheme. You may have even taken part in it well we have been asked a lot of questions about this scheme the answer is yes it does work and yes it is safe to use providing you follow the

rules it is legal and has made a big hit on the internet this year […].”

There are two red flags here:

a.) According to PayPal’s Security Tips: “PayPal will always address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your PayPal account […].”

b.) Does the “Dear Member” statement above sound like something professional PayPal would write?

3. Legality – These schemes also quote the United States code incorrectly. It is Title 18, United States Code, Section 1302, The Postal Lottery Statute and Section 1341, The Frauds and Swindles Statute. It is quoted, knowing the reader might not look up the statute, but to make the scheme sound more legitimate. Remember, if it involves the US Postal Service in any step then it is considered illegal. Furthermore, “selling” a product or collecting a “mailing list” does not ensure it legality. (See US Postal Inspection Services website under “Chain Letter”)

4. Email addresses – With the capability to sign up for many different emails and add them to a PayPal account, wouldn’t it then be possible for the six emails to be the same person? Is everyone as honest as you and me? Con artists hope we are.

Yes, there are counter arguments to each point, however, the bottom-line is that PayPal will terminate or suspend your account for participating in this scheme (see PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy). Don’t believe it? I didn’t either until I tested those email addresses and found that PayPal had terminated their accounts. Now, it makes sense why there are updated forum postings for the “NEW 2009 email list.” Hmmm…

Source by Marie G